Freeverse Updates SlotZ Racer with Tons of New Features

Freeverse released a major update to their SlotZ Racer game [App Store, $2.99]

Major new features in version 1.1 include:

New Track Manager page.Email custom designed tracks to friends, as well as send tracks directly over wifi.

Scenery editing: Spruce up your track designs with grandstands, hills, bridges, tunnels, gravel traps; Grass and Dirt baseboard textures added.

5 new camera modes: plan view, helicopter view, 2 new moving views and driver view.

Shake feature. In any menu, shake to return to the main menu. In the main menu, shake to start a quick race. In the editor, shake to undo.

CPU Oops factor added. Adjust how often the computer players make mistakes and fall off the track.
4 New cars: CitruZ, TypeZ Drift, Mulsane and the Vontara XT.

New "Strict" championship option. When set, doesn't allow players to restart individual races during a championship. Trophies won in strict mode unlock new car types.

4 bridge heights for serious multi-story fun.

Several of the new features are shown in this video:

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