Sony Owns Websites For 'Killzone' And 'Killzone 3' …But Not For 'Killzone 2' (Or 4 Or 5)

MTV Multiplayer blog writes:

"You might assume would be great place for the latest information on "Killzone 2? straight from the source, but Sony doesn't own the website, though they do own (other people own or!) - wait, what?!"

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meepmoopmeep3600d ago

this is normal.
a lot of companies will buy the web domain well ahead of time
before scavengers grab them up and resell them for thousands of dollars.

Columbo3600d ago

Killzone is owned by the same people who own N4G. Lol, go N4G!!!

masterg3600d ago

A domain like is pretty much worthless.
Sony can at any time demand the give up the domain.
Just like MS at times has forces users to give up domains that had any relation to any of their TM products.

Cat3600d ago

It does crack me up that they didn't seem to uncover that little tidbit!

Fishy Fingers3600d ago

Wish I was around during the internets conception and had the forward thinking to buy up every brand named domain possible. I'd be a wealth man now :(

SupaPlaya3600d ago

there is a new law that prohibits companies from buying up domain names that has nothing to do with their business and try to extort money from other companies.

pilotpistolpete3600d ago

i think it`s illegal for companies to buy domain names such as "" or " and so on.

NaiNaiNai3600d ago

actually they had one go out that no one could make a domain name with competitors in the olympics. >.> but i never heard of one that says you can't take brand names. but then again, its a form of copy right.

resistance1003600d ago

Well considering the main Killzone 2 website is why would they need to make a killzone 2 website.

SupaPlaya3600d ago

is that they acquire any combination of domain names to do with the game (in this case it will be like,,, etc...) and redirect the traffic back to the main site.

I think the article is referring to the rights to own the domain name, not necessarily having a different web site for each of domain name.

solidt123600d ago

I was thinking the same thing.

Counter_ACT3600d ago

Square have registered finalfantasyxiv all the way up to 16 I think. Doesn't mean anything, its just thinking ahead.

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