DLC is a Lazy Developers Paradise

"When one thinks about DLC especially $10 DLC, we tend to think about getting our money's worth. Unfortunately as one can tell from the title of this article that is quite often not the case. Take for example Capcom's Street Fighter 4. This game is quite heavily anticipated, however if you're looking for quality DLC then you may feel like steering clear of SF4's, with costumes for characters that don't really do anything but rest on the character as paid DLC,"

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KobeBryant3597d ago (Edited 3597d ago )

Yeah man I know, these guys continue to rip everyone off, I mean even though I have an NBA salary I'd still like to get my money's worth out of DLC. Damn, this article kind of heated, I think I'll take that out in tonight's game against the Raptors.

mintaro3597d ago

Good point Kobe, but as a suggestion, you might want to pass a bit more. 3 assists and 2 turnovers last game? You're better than that....or are you?

You Already Know3597d ago

yeah Kobe, you really do need to pass're playing like Jordan did....BEFORE he was winning championships...

You Already Know3597d ago

I whole-heartedly agree...

Why can't more companies support their games the way that EA has for Burnout Paradise instead of milking DLC with bullshit that nobody is going to buy?...

another game that has had DLC that was worthwhile is Warhawk...

however, games like LBP are for DLC whores and will be milked for every accessory that is not a form of advertisement or an in-game for home...

I also feel that these companies are focusing on internet users mainly and I know several people who do not go online with their PS3 or 360....let alone the couple of people I know without an internet connection...

could this Generation be the start of DLC whoring?.....I hope not..

KobeBryant3597d ago

Hey man, I've got a good team and everything, but when I'm scoring 61 points in a single game, can you really blame me for a little ball hogging?

8 Bit3597d ago

youre gonna need all 61 on thursday against the Celtics homie

8 Bit3597d ago

As long as people keep paying for DLC theyll always be a price tag on it.

KobeBryant3597d ago

well, when anyone on Boston scores more than half of their team's points you let me know, we're going to play against Boston and we're going to play hard and when the Lakers win maybe I'll even mention "8bit" on tv

8 Bit3597d ago

How'd that one man show work out for you last June?

KobeBryant3597d ago

The Celtics had gotten their game together last season, and yeah I'll admit they had a strong team going on, but I think their sudden elevation in status definitely contributed to their win.

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