Eurogamer Holland Preview Alan Wake "For fans of story-driven singleplayer games, all platforms this year pretty much unprecedented titles are in the planning.

This in itself is remarkable as is, because 'real' singleplayer games appeared in recent years more and more true to the background to disappear.

Games with a strong multiplayer had become the new standard, which is also a logical development would have been with your consoles to the Internet easily. Who wants to read a good story but a book! Nothing reveals the truth, and we are damn glad of it. Alan Wake is a title, a game without multiplayer, made exclusively for your own offline to enjoy.

Developer Remedy kroonde with the Max Payne series has already king of the psychological thriller genre, and Alan Wake that promise for a more than worthy successor to.

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killzone2flop3600d ago

Alan Wake will set a New Bench Mark in Graphics never seen before on consoles even the Cell Processor will struggle to pull graphics like Alan Wake on PS3.

360 man3600d ago

its not really the cell struggling, its more the rsx struggling

Equinoxe_73600d ago

Don't you feel alone in here with your sad sad sad fanboy comment, i'm playing Killzone 2 demo tomorrow, see ya ;)

Whitey2k3600d ago

killzone2flop u dont know what ur on about it will surpass it on the pc cos pc has always been the strongest but i dont know about alan wake surpassing Killzone 2 on graphics ur forgettin that cell can render Graphics as much as the RSX where the 360 only rely's on its Gpu so there is a big difference

DFresh3600d ago

Please all of the Alan Wake footage shown so far has been on the PC not the 360 dumb ass.
You still don't know what the 360 footage looks like yet.
My guesses is it won't look nearly as good as the PC port.