Crytek's Free Radical purchase confirmed, 40+ jobs saved

The administrators responsible for selling off the remnants of Free Radical have confirmed to that Crytek's rumored acquisition of the company has gone ahead. Cameron Gunn of ReSolve Partners stated that "a sale completed to Crytek late last night thus preserving over 40 jobs."

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Violater3602d ago

Excellent news in these times.

MechaGear3601d ago

Good thing someone shows confidence these days.

Montrealien3601d ago

This news made me smile, It`s very rare that Editorials 4 Gamers does this to me.

PS-Wii-603601d ago

@ Montrealien - It's strange but, the news had the same effect on me. I think because Free Radical didn't deserve their fate.

@ grkblood13 - I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

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TIKUP3602d ago

yes that is brilliant news to hear but i am wondering how much crytek bought them for??

FreestyleBarnacle3602d ago

Probably £1 and all debts. Quite a few companies have been going for that amount.

morganfell3601d ago

I wouldn't put it past something like that. The purchase price might be just that - they assume all of the debts and keep the doors open as well as pay salaries. In the mean time Free Radical goes through a training session on Crytek's technology all the while Crytek is eating the operating costs.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3601d ago

No more goverment cheese for them.

Raoh3601d ago (Edited 3601d ago )

good for you radical.. their small staff and publisher might have been their problem all along.

this might breath new life into the company.


also this is good news for the ps3. crytek wants to make a move to consoles (or at least add it to their platforms they develope for.

free radical did not make a bad game for the ps3 with haze. it was just late and outdated by the time it arrived.

this means future games if left in charge to free radical or on an advisory level will work just fine.

heyheyhey3601d ago (Edited 3601d ago )


man that's a relief, Timesplitters 4 is potentially my most anticipated shooter this year (sorry KZ2 =D)

can't wait to see what comes of this merger of epic proportions.... both are excellent shooter devs


man i knew someone would rush to this article screaming "HAZE LOL!!!!!!!"... Haze sucked because of Ubisoft, not Free Radical.. who remain top notch shooter devs

remember, these guys made Goldeneye and Perfect Dark... i trust you understand what this means

oh and Timesplitters > Halo

man can you imagine TS4 running on CryEngine 2.. sweet jesus

thor3601d ago

Hmm I doubt it will come this year. Most of FR have been sacked anyway/moved on to that new studio. It was likely in the early stages of development as it is; Haze came out less than a year ago - and they're not going to want to rush their next project.

Again, you mention "excellent shooter devs" and yet what they produced was a last-gen FPS, a sub-par one at that. Still, you've got to hope!

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