Killzone 2 and the five-foot stare

Fidgit writes: "In Killzone 2, you play a midget on a rampage.

Okay, you might not technically be a midget, but you are pretty short. It took a while before I wasn't frequently thinking I'd somehow toggled crouch. Your eye level seems to line up with your squadmates' nipples. The other guys are good about not teasing you. They're a talkative bunch, always cussing and expositioning and saying things like "Get up on that tank and mow down those Higs with that em-gee!", but they don't ever bring up your height."

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Fishy Fingers3575d ago (Edited 3575d ago )

Ha, doesnt sound like a fan, pretty much seemed to hate everything about the game. In fact, I'm not sure he even completed it...

"However, getting to that boss is going to be a problem, since I have no desire to continue playing. I'm near the end"

Comedic "review" (I use the term "review" lightly) all in all, read it for a laugh but dont expect anything more than a guy moaning and throwing his toys out of the pram.

Parapraxis3575d ago

I don't think this person enjoys gaming.
KZ2 must be too hard for him :(
oh what a shame.

Sarcasm3575d ago

But of all things to complain about... "Midget?"

jammy_703575d ago

clear 360 fan and sony hater, what a nob end!

na2ru13575d ago (Edited 3575d ago )

Or just plain mentally disorientated?

Edit: I actually clicked the link(i disappointed myself) and can't figure it out. So far, I have a feeling of him trying to brand it as the same as Killzone 1.

Maddens Raiders3575d ago

and let me tell you I LOVE Far Cry 2, but to tear down K2 in comparison with (of all things) "midget view" and "grays after grays" just removes all credibility from his feeble argument. This review is absolute hogwash and as you might've

stevenhiggster3575d ago

LMAO, that guy is a loser. I really hope no one actually listens to a word he says.

BattleAxe3575d ago

This guy sounds like a midget who likes to fidgit with his digits and so he is very very sensitive about being a short man himself.

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shadowghost7523575d ago

That is not a review at all, what a joker

Snyph3r3575d ago

just wanted the hit....don't give him any...

killzone2flop3575d ago

Good Piont he makes:

1.The writing is terrible. Godawful terrible.

2.The Sixaxis gimmicks are just stupid. Stop, Sony. Just stop. You're making the Sixaxis a joke when I have to use it as a pair of grasping hands turning a valve during a firefight. It's even more of a joke when I have to do it after the firefight's over.

3.Maybe the game gets better. Maybe my midget links up with a bunch of other midgets and we have a giant battle with the gay Norwegian celebrity hairdresser voiced by Brian Cox while riding unicorns in an underwater city inspired by the works of Salvador Dali and then Gandalf comes skipping in from the direction of the rising sun and it turns into a rhythm game that supports the instruments from Rock Band. If that happens, I will come back here and write a full review to set the record straight. Until then, Killzone 2 may very well be as spectacular a disappointment as you'll play all year.

Fishy Fingers3575d ago

Let me guess, "fidgit" is now your favourite site :)

gamecube0013575d ago

Every PS3 Killzone article i see you in your not a gamer your just a sad little idiot with nothing better to do than ruin it for other people that are looking forward to this game.

Minus bubbles for you, the day you get banned from the site can't come soon enough.

rucky3575d ago

I know it's hard to admit to yourself but GOTY CONFIRMED!!!

LeonSKennedy4Life3575d ago

He makes good points? You haven't played it.

Also, this isn't a real review. He's just kidding. Just like the rest of the reviewers, he probably really likes these things and is mocking the people that are trying to put Killzone 2 down.

Look at the Gears of War 2 review if you don't believe me.

Oh won't look at it. You don't want to be wrong. No...that would ruin your day.

Kleptic3575d ago

let PP post all he wants...feck I give him bubbles every chance I get...

I get a real sense of satisfaction knowing that the dumbest kid on the internet is a 360 fan...

lokiroo4203575d ago

kleptic dont take off mart's crown and pass it off that quickly.

likedamaster3574d ago

Article quote:
"Until then, Killzone 2 may very well be as spectacular a disappointment as you'll play all year."

LOL. That's messed up.

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Xpandemic3575d ago

lol, yea i thought you guys might like it

Parapraxis3575d ago

Read his other "reviews", they're all like this.

Juevani3575d ago

for a good laugh, hahahahahaha.. this dude cant be serious, but its still fun.. hahaahaha