New Star Ocean 4 Screens, New Star Ocean 4 Character

Xbox 360 title Star Ocean 4 is only a few days away from release. Perfect timing for some new Star Ocean 4 and a new character - the bird lady! And she wears glasses.

Sarah Jeland (literally, "Sara Jerando" in Japanese katakana - not sure about the English romanization) hails from the in-game planet of Roak is a Virgin Mary type character with wings. She can't fly, though. At least she's got fancy spectacles!

Click through the gallery to check out Star Ocean 4's various planets.

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coolfool3602d ago

what engine are they using to make this game? is it the unreal engine? Will it have the same graphical glitches as the Last Remnant?

laaakokaracha3602d ago

they used the same engine like in Infinite Undiscovery.

check out the trailer on xbox live. I cant see any glitches or what so ever. its fast and it looks amazing.

cant wait for this one!

NaiNaiNai3602d ago

they are using a custom engine that the built for Star ocean 4, IU got a unfinished version of that engine, considering they are still evolving the engine and they plan to keep using it for some time to come. FYI, the engine was started right after SO3 was finished.

Hiruma Youchi3602d ago


kodiak3602d ago

looks better than flop knight fail 29/40


its 360 exclusive