Rockstar Games' Red Dead Redemption - Original Video

Here's a teaser trailer for the newly announced Red Dead Redemption, the sequel to Rockstar's Red Dead Revolver, now confirmed to be coming to PS3 and 360 in 2009.

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ryuzu3448d ago

I think there is potentially a really good game set in the American West - is this it though?

That game would include elements like San Andreas - the ability to own properties to make money - ranching, brothels, mines etc.

Also something along the lines of Frontier - trading between towns, taking assassinations, fight for the South/North or just plain banditry in the open.

If this is yet another, go here and shoot people game, then I think Rockstar will have wasted the opportunity.


Mindboggle3448d ago

Well the first red dead revolver was nothing like grand theft auto and once again going by the first game I think there is no chance of property development lol. The game was more level based, but was really fun.

I personally dont understand why every rockstar shooting game should be like GTA. Red dead revolver was original and completely differnet to gta so i dont see the point in ruining the game to copy it. Thats what we have gta for.

bohemian 233448d ago

I had fun with Red Dead Revolver.

Hellsvacancy3448d ago

I hope its gets a graphic revamp

I loved the 1st game

MagicAccent3448d ago

Cool! It's back! One of my favourite games for the PS2.^^

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The story is too old to be commented.