T3 - Halo 3 Mythic Map Pack: exclusive Bungie interview

Bungie talks to T3 about its most ambitious Halo 3 expansion so far...

Halo 3 is gearing up for its third and most exciting expansion, the Mythic Map Pack, featuring three brand new multiplayer maps and a wave of new achievements. We've had a chance to chat exclusively to Bungie, legendary game developer responsible for the iconic Halo series, and we've got all the details on the new multiplayer levels: Sandbox, Assembly and Orbital.

Halo 3's Mythic Map Pack will first be available to anyone who picks up the Limited Collector's Edition of "Halo Wars" on 27th February. Read on for our exclusive interview with Multiplayer Designer, Lars Bakken, and Community Director, Brian Jarrad.

Click here for brand new screenshots or click here to win a Halo 3 Xbox 360

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king dong3573d ago

halo wars and getting the mythic pack also. i'm sure i'll pick up a few disagrees for saying

halo wars demo tomorrow (5th feb) aswell.

although i don't play halo as much as i used to, i always come back to it, and have a great time everytime!

hippo243573d ago

well it looks good...But it always LOOKS good

well have to see what bungie has in store for us.

clashcityrockerkat3573d ago

for the new expansion pack, Bungie is really going to impress with this I reckon. The new screenshots look killer.

badkolo3573d ago

WOW, i just cant help it but does that look dated or what, after the games we played since halo3 was released, gears2,r2 and a few others and after witnessing K2 its apparent halo3 is lackluster in the gfx, i know it means nothing im just saying. I was looking at the packs and pics of them and it just looked so outdated gfx wise.

FragMnTagM3568d ago

I think Halo 3 still looks pretty damned good considering it runs sub 720p. The lighting system that Halo uses just makes the game pop. The textures on it are also quite remarkable. If you look up close at almost anything it looks pretty decent. The more pixels you have the less "jaggies" you will get and again it runs sub 720p, and the "jaggies" are hardly there at all. One reason for this is that the XBOX 360 does a very good job at AA (Anti-Aliasing), which makes less jaggies. The only things that I can remember that look like crap are looking at piles of trash. The words on the newspaper in them are pretty fuzzy, yet you can make them out if you have a big enough TV. I also don't think that many people would be staring at trash when there are sniper bullets and rockets flying around... My point is that Halo is not really a slouch in the graphics department. It has its times when it is not that great cough cough Campaign! Other than that this game is still great and will continue to be as long as Bungie supports it.