Jamil Moledina Talks GDC 2007

In anticipation of next week's big Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, tracked down conference executive director Jamil Moledina to discuss the evolution of the event, what to expect this year, if Phil Harrison or Shigeru Miyamoto have any surprises, and more.

It looks like Phil Harrison's keynote is going to be pretty exciting.


BIZ: You told me at D.I.C.E. that on March 7, I'd be "very happy" that I'm a PlayStation 3 owner. What revelations will Phil Harrison have for us during his keynote that will make us go gaga for PS3? Care to give us some hints?

Jamil Moledina: Haha! Not to be coy but you'll just have to come to his talk James. All I can say is that I stand behind my comment regarding your future emotional state.

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SimmoUK4307d ago

They certainly are can't wait for March the 7th :)

DJ4307d ago

I'm gonna cross my fingers on the developments that the ICE team has made regarding SPU + RSX tech.

SimmoUK4307d ago (Edited 4307d ago )

Yeah that's part of it Sony's first party games are really excelling :) from it as we speak...

Dlacy13g4307d ago

Well I hope for PS3 owners sake that Sony really does come through with something great to announce. Sony execs havent exactly been the beacon of truth and reality with regards to their comments so again hopefully whatever is announced is actually true and exciting and not we are going to bundle in another movie with the PS3.

Rooted_Dust4307d ago

I hope it's something along the lines of Killzone or DVD upscaling. Since opinion is low I guess the only way for Sony to go is up.

BlackIceJoe4307d ago

I know Sqaure Enix owns the rights to FFVII but if Sony was to say a remake for the PS3 was to come out this would be great news.

Plus any game that is good would be great news. Say some thing like Sony will have info on KZ and say the game will come out in 08 0ver 07.
That I think would be nice to hear and in the time people wait for 08 people will be able to Beta KZ to make it the game people want it to be.

wildcat4307d ago (Edited 4307d ago )

But let's all hope that it is something really good and juicy though.

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