Essential Arcade Sticks for Street Fighter IV

PS3 Informer Writes:

"Sure, you could go with a standard gamepad, but while analog sticks and triggers have made leaps and bounds over the past decade, the directional pads on our controllers have tended to deteriorate in quality. We aren't sure that the Xbox 360 or Sixaxis controller is quite up to the amount of abuse you are going to throw at it in Street Figher IV. Thanks to these third-party manufacturers, however, you have other options."

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clinker3577d ago

I don't know about the quality MadCatz one, but the Hori Real Arcade Pro looks like a good controller.

Still, I am not hardcore enough to drop $100 on a controller for a game. Maybe if I was better at Street Fighter.

solidt123577d ago

I played Street Fighter II HD last night and I was killing my thumbs and D pad trying to pull of the Special moves. I can see how a stick is the way to go if you want to challenge other people online.