Video: Rated M for Mature Documentary

A documentary based on games like Halo. Deals with online play and racism, sexism and violence. How does a world like this effect the minds of children?

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KAEM73602d ago

I'm so glad i don't play halo!

Seriously is it that bad? can any you guys confirm this? or are these extreme cases?

mrgrim2573602d ago

Yea I don't know if the X-Box community is like that but on psn its not like that or at least not that extreme. I play games like GTA4, Socom, and MGS4 and yea we trash talk on PS3 but its not like that. And in Socom I do hear the N word a lot but its usually by a African American and it can have positive or negative connotations. And from time to time I do hear people calling other people Jew's or Jew bastards but for me the violence stays in the game and its all good fun.

Psn id mrgrim257