Guardian: Resident Evil 6 to be set in London?

Guardian writes: "Honestly. A few flakes of snow and you'd think it was the apocalypse. Walking through West London today was like wandering into Cormac McCarthy's The Road, re-written as a knockabout farce. Couples clutched together for warmth, cars skidded into post boxes, I wouldn't have been surprised to see groups of feral children scrabbling in the bins for dead pigeons."

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donator3597d ago

They should combine Dead Rising with Resident Evil. Imagine having hundreds of zombies limping towards you. You move some chairs and set up a makeshift barricade. You're firing your pistol, but they keep coming and eventually start breaking down your defense. You walk backwards, slowly, firing frantically. Your pistol clicks, no more ammo. You hear your partner calling your name. You run into an apartment complex and shut the gates. That holds the zombies for a bit. But then you hear a chainsaw revving up... dun dun dun.

Helghast Slayer3597d ago

They should fix the controls first before planning another game because i guarantee you many people uninformed people will be pissed off for spending $60 bucks on a ps2 game with HD graphics. The game is simply light weighted and outdated.

360 man3597d ago


fossilfern3597d ago

Maybe they should make the next RE like this:

But i doubt capcom have the sense :)