Street Fighter IV Kills Mortal Kombat – Flawless Victory

"17 years ago Mortal Kombat was released to steal away legions of Street Fighter II fans. And steal it did. But with Capcom now firmly on top in the wake of Street Fighter IV and Mortal Kombat vs D.C. Universe, we commentate on the last round between these two old foes " - from gameplayer

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Keowrath3602d ago


I've always put Streetfighter and Virtua Fighter in 2 seperate catagories. One's a 3D fighter and the other is a 2D fighter. (even with SF4's 3D graphics, I'd still call it 2D)

I've never been able to put games like VF, Tekken, Soul Calibur in the same catagory as SF, KoF and GG because the game play is so vastly different.

Even tho I hate (with a passion) Virtua Fighter, I do understand why it is claimed to be the best 3D fighter out there but I've always preferred Tekken, much like a lot of fighter fans prefer KoF or GG over SF.

...Oh wait, this article is about MK and SF. Yes I would say I'm a fan of MK but it's in it's own little league. It's NEVER been able to touch SF in terms of gameplay and I highly doubt it ever will.

KKanjiAnkh3602d ago

The Street Fighter series has always mopped the floor with Mortal Kombat. Midway should let Capcom, do SF vs MK, in their format.
The only company to go toe-2-toe with them is SNK's King of Fighters.

Keowrath3602d ago

Sammys Guilty Gear has gone toe to toe with SF and in some peoples eyes (not my own) it's better.

But you're right MK comes nowhere near it. I don't think I'd ever want to see an MK vs SF game, they should stick with what they know best and continue their crowd pleasing over the top fatalities which is the only thing MK ever really had going for it (and which made me a fan) Just like they did with MK vs DC... Oh wait! o_O

Hot_tea3602d ago

It's for noobs.
Street Fighter, King Of Fighters and Guilty Gear destroy it.
Please CAPCOM.....Capcom V SNK3!!!

PirateThom3602d ago

I find Mortal Kombat harder than Street Fighter.... not because it's a harder game, just because the controls are so sluggish and it's a struggle to do anything.

Maedhros3602d ago

Even in its heyday, Mortal Kombat was a joke. There's no depth to the game; the only appeal it ever had was in the ridiculous violence. And that hasn't cut it in a long time - the 90s are over. Maybe Midway should actually take a step back and try making a good game, instead of thinking up gimmicks and falling back on brand loyalty.

SlappingOysters3602d ago

I am really looking forward to SFIV, but the d-pad on the X360 controller makes me think I will hate it.

Hot_tea3602d ago

Once you get used to it you will never go back. I have a ps3 and a HRAP3.

SlappingOysters3602d ago

I hope it is compabatible with all the live arcade/PSN games.