First REAL Resident Evil 5 review

Just as expected, GamePro Germany indeed had the first "real" world-exclusive review for Resident Evil 5.
Important details and scans are in the article. Minor spoilers included.

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Killzowned3601d ago

93 with those terrible controls? Something smells a-rye.

Fishy Fingers3601d ago

"Something smells a-rye. "

Why because he has a difference of opinion than yourself?

Killzowned3601d ago

It's evident that the fanbase is pretty much divided into one of two categories:

Love it


The out-dated controls feel clunky and slow, there's more horror in how Capcom made the controls feel than the actual game which boils down to a generic looking game.

Why dis3601d ago (Edited 3601d ago )

We all know why you feel that way.(DEMO 2nd on PS3 and game graphical differences)

If more good reviews come in I may buy this yet.


After reading the review I'm going to add performance differences to my list of reasons why you feel this way assuming they reviewed the 360 version too.

Chris3993601d ago (Edited 3601d ago )

Wait, it has co-op and some "shininess" added (off-set by last-gen facial and body animations).

As consumers, we really should speak with our dollars more. Currently, the message we're sending is:

"It's alright, no need to get creative or interesting, no need to change anything, just give me more of the same!"

Look at what happens to movies when they hit their "5th" or "6th" iteration. The quality degrades, the scripting goes to hell and the franchise is usually scheduled for a "reboot" - i.e. James Bond, Batman.

This game, as well as the SNES port of Chrono Trigger DS are prime examples of how dense consumers are. At least Chrono Trigger DS has no pretense about ripping people off, it's the EXACT SAME GAME that it was all those years ago.

That's alright though, developers will keep pumping out the crap and we'll put on our bibs, grab a spoon and take another big helping of sh#t.

Anyone who has dignity or appreciates the value of a dollar should rent this game.

P.S. "Why dis", POG, the mart, whoever you are, I've played both the 360 and PS3 demos and they suck, equally; they play identically (in terms of performance). The crap controls and last-gen animations/ gameplay exists on BOTH versions. Congrats to you for posting a comment longer than 3 words or "lol" or "Xboxz rulz" though, you're learning how to communicate, good for you.

Graphics Whore3601d ago

Why-Dis, except for the fog/dust in the Assembly Area, the game looks damn near identical. I downloaded both versions to compare and honestly there's not that big of a difference, even with the old TGS 2008 Build. It's really minor things, the textures and shaders are all the same quality in bit-maps etc.

donator3601d ago

I really wanted to like RE5, but the horror/suspense is gone. I still vividly remember the very first zombie you run into from RE1 in the mansion, but nothing really sticks out for me in RE5, in the demo anyway.

I can understand the tank mechanic and why it theoretically could create suspense, but the "zombies" just sprint at you, stop, and examine you. Hopefully that is just a difficult issue in the demo. Dead Rising and their zombies? Now that was suspense.

plain rice3601d ago (Edited 3601d ago )

if that helps you sleep at night, continue with your false assumptions.

Microsoft Xbox 3603601d ago (Edited 3601d ago )

RE5 will not live up to the hype.

YonasJonas3601d ago (Edited 3601d ago )

You don't even know what generic is. Yeah, I see a ton of games with a horror theme set in the African region. Sorry all games can't be one of your generic first person shooters like Call of Duty, which is apparently the only type of game you know how to play.

RE5 GotY 2009 confirmed so take that you n4g hive minded generic fps lovers. You just got biozoned!

Rob0g0rilla3601d ago

It looks identical. Any regular human being won't be able to tell a difference if they PLAYED each version. I was actually surprised how identical they were after seeing how bad Lost Planet was on PS3. And that's a poor excuse as to why people don't like this game.

cayal3601d ago

I like how people think, because they have played BOTH demos, they are an expert on the game.

Classic internet arrogance.

silvacrest3601d ago

from what i have read, people commenting on playing both demos are only comparing graphics

Marquis_de_Sade3601d ago

Why Dis, are you oblivious to the rampant screen tearing present on the 360 demo? If it's anything like that in the full release, your argument is void.

Beast_Master3601d ago

People complain about the Tank Controls, but I think RE fans would be screaming bloody murder if they would have tweeked the controls too far from RE4. RE4 won game of the year with Tank Controls and this game will be getting alot of high grades weather you hate the controls or not.

lordgodalming3601d ago (Edited 3601d ago )

@Whydis: "After reading the review ..."

So you speak German, do you? Then you won't mind me saying, I habe gedacht, dass es unmöglich wäre, dass ich Adriana Lima hassen könnte. Aber jetzt hast du's getan. Kongratulationen.

On topic, I guess I'm the only one who's actually getting more excited about RE5. I was surprised at how much I enjoyed the fourth one, and Capcom seems to have included some real fan service in this game.

Doppy3601d ago

I think that's a great score, but I haven't played the entire game so I don't know. For those of you who complain about the controls, don't hate and don't get it. Buy FEAR 2 and Killzone 2 instead I'm sure they'll be great games also.

bunbun7773601d ago

Not that everyone 's opinions are not valid....

but if you actually played RE4-- are you really that upset with the controls? With a sequel that incorporates a lot from 4?

We seem to have those that are fondly reminiscing about the early RE days, thats cool. Then we have those that keep screaming theres a divide and some hate it. But are any of these haters people that played 4?

If you didnt like 4, then don't expect 5 to resurrect the series. But if you did enjoy it, I see nothing to indicate that we are in for less of an experience. Does anyone even care about the story?

After seeing so many people complain about the controls I almost wish they would make them even more difficult. If you can't run and gun--- then you can't run and gun--its that easy.

Anyone remember the time trials on RE4 --how fast you had to "run and gun" to get the multipliers up and keep the copter from landing? Yea, that was fast paced, and I think the majority of people complaining don't know what they are talking about in respect to RE4.

ThanatosDMC3601d ago

What people are complaining about is that the gameplay seems "out dated" especially the whole 5-9 "zombies" run at you just to stop then attack you one at a time.

Also, for a special forces or extremely train operative, why cant you at least walk at a direction while shooting?

Again, it must be old now or redundant that this game keeps on getting compared to Dead Space but in Dead Space enemies dont attack one at a time nor do they slow down just to give you enough reaction time to stop them from ripping you a new one. It's unrealistic for an enemy to stop when you're wide open.

The melee is also subject to this tank control. You arent allowed to step forward and shred your enemies lungs out. You wait for them to slice you up first before you can retaliate or you go up to them, stop, pull out your knife just to get hit.

Inventory better be increased in the game. Leon S. Kennedy carried more items than both of them.

Sarcasm3601d ago

If RE5 stayed a PS3 exclusive, we'd get a hundred articles about "No innovation" "Horrible Controls" "Broken Online" "Below Average Graphics"
and the list would go on and on and on and the scores would be 6/10, 7/10, 8/10.

But since it's a multiplatform title, it'll do just fine in the media.

onomix3600d ago

I enjoyed more RE5 then Killzone 2. I couldn't care less about what you guys think. I'm going to buy RE5 and Street Fighter IV and play it on my PS3. I'm not going to play Killzone 2, because I did not like the beta. Have fun bashing RE5 and its controls. While i'm enjoying the demo.

ThanatosDMC3600d ago

If you like RE5 or these type of games, try Dead Space or even Dark Sector since it's only $9.99. Dark Sector is "ok" it's fun but the story is utter crap.

I'm not really an FPS kind of guy so i see your point. But i all ready paid for Killzone 2 and they all ready got my money.

RE5 even if i may not agree with how they implemented the controls and the gameplay itself, im buying it for co-op. It's rare these days to find a game that focuses with co-op online. L4D and Haze is fun with co-op. AI suck no matter what game we play, they always always get in our way.

Danja3600d ago

well these kinda acores are to be expected , The demo left me a lil diasppointed ..not gonna lie..

But i've been supporting this Franchise from the PS1 days and RE:4 was one of my fave games from last gen , and i've been looking forward to playing RE:5 ..

so control scheme I wouldn't say it's broken , it's just really outdated compared to how well and smooth the controls in Dead Space felt , but it RE:4 controls and Gameplay with HD garphics , so even though I was expecting a lil more , im sure if it plays like RE:4 , then it's gonna still be a good game...

gonna rent 1st though cancelled my preorder a couple days ago..might buy if I like it...

majorsuave3600d ago

There are a lot of restrictions for violent video games in Germany. Most games are heavily edited for the German market. At work, we have a checklist of things to be flagged for the German version.

It is very likely that RE5 is not "exactly" the same game reviewed by Germans that whet it will be for the ROW.

I could be wrong of course, but keep in mind that a German review is often not made while watching the whole picture.

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Graphics Whore3601d ago

Ah, that's disappointing, Action Game Confirmed.

killzone2flop3601d ago

Here's hoping Resident Evil 5 gets better Reviews than K** **** 2 which has turned out to be a disappointment.

PoSTedUP3601d ago

yea i know right because i depend on a game getting a better score than another game for my entertainment....

NegativeCreep4273601d ago (Edited 3601d ago )

You're stupidity and d*ck-headed fanboyism is seriously getting to the point where someone needs to put US out of our misery and smother you in your sleep.

Any takers?

Gobuz3601d ago (Edited 3601d ago )

You really are a fu*king tw*t...

Someone please ban this retard.

Chris3993601d ago (Edited 3601d ago )


Fishy Fingers3601d ago

Ha, me to. Didn't enjoy the demo that much and dont see it having much longevity with me. Rent until SFIV I think.

ia_studio3601d ago

I don't care how many times you guys bash the controls I'm buying this game day one, I really enjoyed the demo.

did anyone hear the capcom guy talking about what he was talking

drewdrakes3600d ago

How long did you guys give yourselves to get used to the controls?

Helghast Slayer3601d ago (Edited 3601d ago )

Hmm 93 for a last gen game with HD graphics, lack of character animations, lack of dialog and a horrendous control scheme? Guess the saying if *insert exclusive* where multiplat it would be given a free pass and undeserved high scores is fast coming to fruition.

For all the people that might disagree just know that i've played the demo and if the retail game is anything like the demo then this review is definitely flawed.

Gamers this day-and-age are way too easily pleased. $100 bucks down here in AUS is a blood lot and i'll be damned if i spend it on a polished turd. The days of "godly RE games" are gone mate. Sad but true.

Helghast Slayer3601d ago

@ ^^^

Something a little more constructive would be nice. But hey, whatever tells you you're normal.

Killzowned3601d ago

It's POG he's a waste of human space.

He's still a virgin, but he would argue that he lost his virginity to back of his Xbox 360's ethernet port and think that's having sex.

MerkinMax3601d ago

I hope you know the PS3's Ethernet port doesn't count either... JK

Kleptic3600d ago

I have to agree...

if RE5 keeps up with this might be the highest rated game that I will purposely never play...

XxSpiiKeZxX3600d ago

I can personally agree with yu
i played the demo today and i can say im a bit dissapointed
if the retail is indeed like the demo than what is the whole
F-ing point of reviewz there so complicated
KZ2 gettin criticized for small things like co-op
since when does a game need co-op and this game doesnt have multiplayer yet no reviewers point this out

Resident Evil 5 has potential but the gameplay suckz ass
i thought this game was gonna be fast paced since its supposed to be a "survival horror" but with enemies walking to you i could jus run like nothing

I also thought since it was 3rd person it was gonna have similar mechanics to MGS4 where u could do more then RE5
i mean u have to frigiin stop for every that next-gen
i dont think so

graphics are good but there is no interaction with enviromental except for boxes and oranges that leave u no choice but to get the hidden ammo since youll run out

that is another issue i hate havin to stand still with th epistol and get a headshot since i have to save the ammo

Helghast Slayer3600d ago

Oh and i forgot, it doesn't reinvent the genre. This deserves an 8.7 at best. Man if i was a reviewer i would rip apart non deserving games and expose these pass givers(American sites) for the the double standards they give towards the "name" of a game instead of the actual gameplay and technical features it has.

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