I-play CEO claims mobile games to eventually make console a niche platform

I-play CEO David Gosen is one of the more outspoken advocates for the mobile games industry, not just in terms of promoting his own company, but also banging the drum for independent publishers, and the wider world of mobile games.

At a recent conference in Amsterdam, Gosen claimed that mobile gaming will eventually make console a niche platform. Pocket Gamer recently had a chance to sit down with him at 3GSM to discuss the subject more, as well as picking his brains on original mobile games and Nokia's next-gen N-Gage.

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dikturbo4306d ago

Spoken by a spokesperson who represents a mobile gaming interest. I cant think of anything less interesting than playing on a 2" screen with subpar buttons. Make the PSP a phone or wait for the real peripheral 'iPhone'.

"Console gaming is a niche." Of course it is, and the sky is blue and someday we'll die. Brutal.