Guerrilla Games Hopes On New Big Seller

The Netherlands has a company that can seriously compete with the big players in the game industry. With the help of Sony hopes Guerrilla Games in Amsterdam at the end of this month a new big seller scoring with Killzone 2 for the Playstation 3 video game.

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KillZ OWNED3577d ago (Edited 3577d ago )

You better do it Sony, you better do ALOT!

Danja3577d ago

I really hope they market the hell outta this game....KZ2 deserves all the sales it can get.

Killzowned3577d ago

They'll probably pump 5 million in NA for adverts.

pwnsause3577d ago

the translation is not so good. is it saying that they are expecting 2.5 million copies sold in the first week or in the first month?

The Hunter3577d ago (Edited 3577d ago )

Herman Hulst hopes, with Killzone 2 to match or outsells Killzone 1. Killzone 1 has sells 2.5 million copies.

pwnsause3577d ago

oh, makes sense. thanks.

Sasanova3577d ago

im predicting a million pre orders :> maybe more

Helghast Slayer3577d ago

Killzone2 is already at 1 million preorders at and ranked #1 in most wanted list. Also keep in mind that Killzone2 is also at #1 on and and many others which will equate to another 1 million in preorder sales. Then you have people who are buying it at retail on day one or after.

I seriously predict that Killzone2 will easily sell 2.5-3 million copies in first week sales. Anything near that will be a massive achievement for GG and Sony. That will almost guarantee a potential KZ3 in the near future.

TheColbertinator3577d ago


Please just stop hyping ridiculous sales numbers.It will sell fine but don't expect record breakers.Not even the reviews can guarantee it a million.The only factor that determines high sales is Sony advertising.

If Sony screws the chance to market this game,God of War 3 and Gran Turismo 5 will have to deal with all the burden for the PS3 big push.

KZ2 is a great game,IGN confirmed that,but 4 years is mainly wasted if KZ2 only sells 250,000 on the first week

ReTarDedFisHy3577d ago

"...but 4 years is mainly wasted if KZ2 only sells 250,000 on the first week"


I don't think I have to clarify my question, but I'll do it anyway. Does it matter if a game sells 1 million in the first week versus 1 million in a month's span? :/

Graphics Whore3577d ago

Steven, you're usually well balanced, however I just don't see the logic in your post. Killzone 2 is #1 on pre-order charts, I won't be surprised if it sells a million in a week.

Helghast Slayer3577d ago

@ Stevy boy

Are you calling me a liar. Dude these are facts. Where you under a rock when the preorder rankings came in? Look all i'm saying is going by the facts that have surface on here and elsewhere for everyone to see, it looks like Killzone2 will sell respectively well.

Ok maybe i over exagerated a little about the potential sales but hey anything is possible right.

Graphics Whore3577d ago

By the way Steve, I found a copy of VC I'm looking forward to playing it until Killzone 2.

Jerk1203577d ago

Halo Wars will sell 100 million copies because.. y'know.. EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE!!

TheColbertinator3577d ago (Edited 3577d ago )

@Retarded Fishy and Helghast

I'll tell you why 250K will be a failure.Its because KZ2 is supposed to be a huge online game for Sony on launch.Don't you guys think that if a million players are online the first day,it would be an exclusive online success for the PS3.MGS4 could not do that because MGO was hampered by the Konami IDs.

If 1,000,000 players are day one on KZ2,that will be a huge step for the Playstation Network and a real community would take shape.I don't care about sales but if a huge online game releases I want to have the chance to get into a deathmatch on the get-go.If I join an online match at midnight and only 13,000 are playing,that will be a letdown.


It could but its an RTS so the audience is limited.Not to mention por economy etc

@Graphics Whore

Great.Enjoy Valkyria.Its a great game

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Berser3577d ago

killzone 2 is the BOOM!

Zip3577d ago

They are hoping for big sales? no sh1t?

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