PS3Evolved's: 5 Games on the PSN that NEED to be Played

PS3Evolved highlights Five $9.99 titles on the PlayStation Network that every PS3 owner should have in their collection.

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Elvfam5113575d ago

I got 2/5 of those games cuboid and magicball is next

Mr_Bun3575d ago (Edited 3575d ago )

I only have SSHD out of that list, but PAIN is missing from the list...that has got to be one of the most under-rated PSN games! PAIN is still my favorite by far

callahan093575d ago

I haven't played all of these, but of the games that I own (I have 17 PSN games), my list would look like:

1. The Last Guy
2. PixelJunk Eden
3. PixelJunk Monsters
4. Super Stardust HD
5. Cuboid

GWAVE3575d ago

I have most of those games (haven't picked up Savage Moon yet) but I'd rather put games like Echochrome, PixelJunk Monsters, Last Guy, and Wipeout HD on my personal list. Super Stardust is...orgasmic. I'm in the top 100 for Bomber suckas...well, I WAS. I haven't played in a while. :^(

micro_invader3575d ago (Edited 3575d ago )

Pain got old for me in like half an hour. Severly limited levels and game modes.

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C_SoL3575d ago

Underrated Greatness. Get it now.

iceman28853575d ago

I think I wound up playing the game for 10+ hours the first two days I bought it and have been playing it consistently since.

Once you get a hang of the controls it truly is a blast and the multiplayer is furious and fun with a very good balance between weapons.

KKanjiAnkh3575d ago

Since the PS3 can have up to 7 controllers, I want an arcade perfect, X-Men 6man download, or Capcoms AVP.

Sangria3575d ago

Street Fighter... And Europe is still waiting for it...
Crash Commando is really awesome, for people who played SOLDAT game long time ago, it's exactly the same stuff, that's really awesome.

FrustratedFury3575d ago

You guys got shafted majorly. I don't understand why Sony won't release it there. Have you tried making an American account and purchasing it there?

Sheddi3575d ago

Well to be honest its SCEEs fault.
SCEJ and SCEA have approved the game.
SCEE is just being a b!tch.

Sangria3575d ago

I've already bought games like Castlevania Symphony Of The Night on US PSstore, but i don't want to use an american account anymore and i cannot, since my credit card is no longer a Visa.

PotNoodle3575d ago

No WipEout HD?

That was in my top 5 games of 2008.

Tryst3575d ago

Agreed - def thought WipeOutHD would be in there.

FrustratedFury3575d ago

I wrote this list for games $9.99 or less. Wipeout is great, but it's still $19.99.

grashopper3575d ago

If $15 Dollar Street Fighter can make the $9.99 list why not $20 dollar WipEout

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The story is too old to be commented.