Gamerlimit's impressions of Fallout 3's DLC. Operation: Wait For Broken Steel

Operation: Anchorage, set during the liberation of Alaska shortly before the nuclear fallout that shapes Fallout 3, has officially been available to the public for over 72 hours. Aside from my hardware problems, I had Operation: Anchorage up and running with a character fresh out of the vault. I quickly entered Megaton and massacred the town for the measly amount of weapons, ammo and armor to hopefully be able to fend for myself against the Super Mutant Brutes attacking the Outcast's base.

Once successfully within the building, you learn of the Outcast's motives, much like the Brotherhood of Steel preservation of technology, and they need your help in securing combat equipment sealed in an armory that may only be accessed by a PipBoy, and a PipBoy that has completed the Anchorage simulation. This is where your character comes in.

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kaironn3575d ago

Still haven't bought Fallout 3 yet but it looks awesome