6 Best Shotguns in Videogames

What makes a good shotgun? Is it the power or the accuracy or the clip size? Well, it is everything and these 6 shotguns set the bar for what a shotgun should be like in a game.

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ASSASSYN 36o3604d ago

1.Where is halo 1,2, and 3s M90 Close Assault Weapon System? Best shotgun in gaming history. Utterly glorious in it's effectiveness.

2.The gnasher shotgun in gears of war 2 isn't even worth using.

PoSTedUP3604d ago (Edited 3604d ago )

i like my shotgun to look nice and sound great.

i like resistance 2's shotgun, GTa4's pump, hazes shotgun, dooms double barrel shotgun, goldeneyes pump, socoms TA12 gauge and the new automatic one. damn so many shotties so little time...

rdit: um i just looked at the list now and... timesplitters3 doubble barrel > [email protected]'s double barrel

The BS Police3604d ago (Edited 3604d ago )

I'm gonna have to disagree with you on the Halo 3 shotgun, espeically the Halo 2 shotgun which was practicly useless most of the time.

The Halo 1 shotgun I agree with though.

Killzowned3604d ago

The Doom 3 shotgun was by far the most satisfying to use, next to that I think is the Killzone 2 shotty albeit slow and then CoD4 definitely reserves it spot to be on there.

Serious LOLS @ Halo 3 shot gun.

mal_tez923604d ago

Games shotguns are usually the least realistic of nay weapon type. In most games, shotguns have an effective range of <10 metres, when in reality the effective range should be up to 50 metres. Game developers must have very mited knowledge of guns and have probably never used guns before. The Call of Duty 4 shotguns are the best I have seen, the have a more realstic range than other games. Games like the SOCOM and Rainbow Six series also feature realistic shotguns. The shotgun in GTAIV wasn't too bad either. The Gears of War shotgun was useless at a range less than 5 metres, what a great gun! Why they call it the best shotgun is beyond me.

stevenhiggster3604d ago

I would've added the combat shotgun from Uncharted, I finished the game using pretty much only that! It has a satisfyingly meaty shot ;-)

shovelbum3604d ago

Bioshock weapons in general were pretty bada$$. In addition to those listed, I'd mention Lost Planet as well. You had a pretty powerful shotgun in that game.

hankmoody3604d ago

That shotgun was one that you felt when you shot people in the small of the back. I actually like the shotgun from Crackdown as well.

ChampIDC3604d ago

I really like the shotguns on Battlefield:Bad Company. They look and sound really sweet, and the pumping animation on some of them is just so satisfying to me.

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CBaoth3604d ago

1) You can't have a best of... article and not include one of the most annoying shotties in the history of VG. The M3 automatic from the early Socom days was used by EVERY terrorist on Deathtrap. So cheesy, it would have even the most skilled players shaking a controller screaming "campin noob" at its user.

2) Bioshock's shotty. Not only is it upgradeable, but the ammo is too. The fully upgraded weapon with explosive buck shells is a fearsome beast, easily laying waste to spider and houdini splicers with a single pull of its trigger.

Horny3604d ago (Edited 3604d ago )

The M3 Automatic shotgun from socom 2 and confrontation is the best shotgun period. Most useful. You know it is when people b!tch at you and call you a noob for using it lol.

And the Ratchet and Clank Future TOD shotgun if that counts is amazing as well.

Sangria3604d ago

I like Left 4 Dead secondary shotgun, it's quite effective compared to the first.

DiLeCtioN3604d ago

Rossmore was a bad man shotty XD. after the update it became less powerful

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