The Real 10 Year Console

What factors go into a game console's lifespan? Is it sales, or the games brought to the system? Is it an innovative control scheme only half performing but still delivering? Is it the strongest online capabilities ever crammed into a plastic box? Is it the posture of the gaming community changing over the years? These are questions that have been answered, twisted, and spun by various PR's and industry leaders. These quotes are then used for fodder by the fanboys of the internet striking vicious waves of bitchiness into gaming forums across the world. The main question today - which system is the real ten-year console?

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PoSTedUP3572d ago

the ps1 WAS, the ps2 is about to be, and the ps3 should be, maybe the 360 too but we will not find that out for another 7-8 years...

Giriath3572d ago

Some people still like to pretend that the Playstation 2 didn't start out much like the Playstation 3 has.

Sitdown3572d ago

I would be thoroughly surprised if the 360 makes it 10 years. I feel like the 360 is competing against the ps3 and trying to hold off....where as the ps3 is just doing its own thing, and slowly gaining ground without having made major moves so far. So in reality...the 360 is trying to run the ps3s race....and as a result, it's going to burn itself out for trying to match ps3s game plan. For instance, imagine a basketball team with a short bench trying to run and gun with UNC....yeah you might hang for a little while, but eventually fatigue will show up...and then down hill you go.


Sony supported the beta format to the bitter end. That's one thing I know about Sony when they bring a product out. Sony tends to keep a product technology around regardless of it's success. The PSP and UMD are two examples of products that Sony could have dumped early on but didn't. The same goes for the PS3 and Blu-Ray.

The PS3 was released a little too early as HDTVs, Blu-Ray players, and HDMI technology were unknown and/or expensive. I honestly think that the 600.00 price tag was the prime reason for it's struggle. I don't know why because new technology in most industries start out high in price. I'd say that 2009 is the sweet spot where HDTVs are mainstream affordable, Blu-Ray players are 199.99, and the PS3 hits a sweet spot in price. 2009 will be the year Sony's products shine.

LightningPS3PS33572d ago

Real gamers don't even remember that Wii toy sh*t exists.

Microsoft Xbox 3603572d ago

The 360 has a lifespan of 1 year.

KKanjiAnkh3572d ago

It's the games man, the games, + a good controller scheme

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The story is too old to be commented.