XBoxGameZone: Tomb Raider: Underworld Review

XBoxGameZone writes: "Who remembers Manic Miner then? Unfortunately I'm old enough to recall this title from my childhood memories, but that's not all bad. For this was undoubtedly a forerunner in its genre and indeed gaming overall. Manic Miner was a 2D platform game that required pixel perfect jumps and timing to negotiate all manner of obstacles in order to retrieve cunningly placed keys. Successfully collecting all the keys opened the exit to the next catacomb and ultimately one step closer to freedom. So what the blazes has a game from a halcyon era gone by got to do with Tomb Raider: Underworld? Well let me tell you; the fundamental premise of jumping from one ledge to another whilst surviving all manner of beasties (albeit not killer toilets) is still intact. Logical route finding – ditto! Genre defining? That's also a yes for both, well, at least in their foremost iterations."

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