Customizing Your PS3 Console And Experience

Looking to buy a Playstation 3 soon or looking for some new accessories? Here are a couple of websites and items that are worth checking out.

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WildArmed3597d ago

options 3-5 make sense.
Everything else seems like there aint a global recession going on.
Shhessh color ur ps3? skin ur ps3? waay 2 waste money.
rather buy game then waste money on dat

ALIEN3597d ago

i hear ya!! but i like them "realtriggers" tho.

DutyCalls3597d ago

they are as good as you are thinking. really makes a difference in playing any game that uses the R2 L2
highly recommended

San Frandisco3597d ago

ive ben to that site and they got some sick @ss colors tho.
ive ben sooo tempted to go ahead and get my ps3 color changed but i really dont want to spend (or waste) $125 to change the color of my ps3.

i however will be getting the color led light stand thingy and hard drive since mine is only 1 gb left out of 80.
i allready have everuthing else pretty much.

the real triggers are AMAZING though so i advise anyone and everyone that has a ps3 or is getting one to grab these suckers up,ESPECIALLY for KZ2's intense action come feb 27th.

TRUST ME they help.

Sangria3597d ago

Anyone knows if the "real" triggers are as much accurate as the 360 ones? I planned long time ago to buy some, and this article just reminded me that envy.

NoBullsh1t3597d ago

I have really never understood the fixation with the 360 controllers triggers. :S I have the 360 myself but I much prefer, same as everyone else the PS3 controller and its triggers. The triggers on the PS3 controller are perfect, fits your hand nice and has everything just where you need it. The 360 controller is to bulky, slow on reaction times when it comes to shooting games and has very hard turning analog sticks. The PS3 analog sticks are as smooth as silk, they glide side to side making gaming feel seamless and sometimes make you forget you have a controller in you hand. That is the truth of it....Xbox controller, pft! Seriously now.....

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