Gamespot: My World, My Way Review

There are plenty of role-playing games that capitalize on cuteness in order to attract a younger, more feminine crowd, and My World, My Way openly embraces this category. It also attempts to be more than just another pretty face by introducing a unique ability that lets you personalize your adventure; you can tweak nearly every aspect of the game, from monster levels to cash flow, by pouting. Though this level of freedom is a pleasant, convenient twist, the game is still extraordinarily bland and full of tedious filler, resulting in an ultimately unsatisfying journey.

The Good:
* Pout system grants you greater control of your adventure
* Never takes itself too seriously
* It's cute.

The Bad:
* Mundane, tedious quests bog you down in filler
* Bare-bones battle system is outdated
* Low enemy variety, even for bosses
* Flat characters and a boring plot
* Second-rate presentation.

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