Sony's missed opportunity: How the PSP could have been the iPhone

Cnet writes:

"A couple of years ago I was talking to the folks from Sony's PlayStation division in a hotel suite in Manhattan where they were showing us the second-generation PSP, the PSP-2000. I was telling them all the things I would like to see in the PSP. "This is a mini computer," I said, complimenting them on what a great device it was. But I thought it was being underutilized. "Why don't you open this thing?" I suggested. "Let people develop for it. Screw the UMD. It's got built-in wireless, you should be able download all kinds of games and apps to it. Slap on a detachable BlackBerry-style keyboard and you're good to go."

At the time, Sony's marketing department had seemingly grappled with and settled on selling the PSP as a gaming device first and foremost with a dash of multimedia thrown in for good measure. Even if there was an active homebrew market percolating, there was little beyond the idea that the PSP could play games, music, and movies (from a UMD disc) and surf the Web on a second-rate browser. Yes, the whole PSP "store" concept was in the works, but it seemed to be moving at a glacial pace. VoIP support in the form of a Skype client was also on the table. "

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GWAVE3574d ago

Okay, yes, the PSP COULD have been the iPhone. Fact is, it isn't, and it's a better gaming platform for that very reason. 44 million PSPs sold worldwide, I might add.

Not that I'm surprised. This article is by Cnet, the very definition of LOL-worthy "news" posts that love to pick apart Sony.

PataponKnight3574d ago

When the iPhone gets the graphical power of the PSP give me a call.

ThanatosDMC3574d ago

Guess, they dont have anything else to bash Sony for after Killzone 2 exploded their pants? So now they're moving in against the PSP...

They should know that the PSP was not wanting to be a mobile phone device but handheld gaming system that have several multimedia capabilities.

XxZxX3573d ago

Sony have to get it right the first time or else it's doom, give me a break cnet.

Rise Of The Bad Guy3574d ago

Doubt it,Sony don't associate themselves with biased donkeys.

LeonSKennedy4Life3574d ago

An extra analog stick...

More downloadable PS1 games...

Standard HDD...

Use Firefox for the browser...

Incorporate the PSN into the PSP and put trophies on every game...

We would be in gaming paradise!

Lord Anubis3574d ago

it's kind of like CDs and MP3s. Hopefully this time sony rectifies.

TheColbertinator3574d ago

I hope Gran Turismo Mobile arrives this year.That will get the wheels rolling again on game development

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The story is too old to be commented.