Wiicade releases API for Flash devs

The guys responsible for Wiicade (David Stubbs, John Eysman, Aaron Worrall) are happy to announce that they've just released an Application Programmer Interface (API) that will allow Flash developers to utilize the full range of buttons on the Wiimote. Here are some of its key features:

* Gives developers the potential to detect multiple, simultaneous button presses without interfering with the pointing capabilities of the Wiimote
* Automatically uses keyboard keys to emulate the functionality of the Wiimote on desktop computer systems. This allows games that utilize the remote to be played on a desktop computer without any additional code.
* Provides a clear method of circumventing the A button's inherent rapid-detection limitations
* Easy-to-understand interface. Developers wishing to make their game Wii-ready only need to follow a few simple steps

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