IGN: MMOs on Consoles: Epic Fail

For years now, Microsoft and Sony have been talking about the potential of console MMOs, and many projects have been loudly trumpeted only to fade away with a deflated whimper.

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MGOelite3600d ago

"IGN: RTSs on Consoles: Epic Fail" fixed

i think that DC universe online looks look a pretty cool game, and if they dont fuk up M.A.G with terrible lagg then that should be a decent MMO as well

GWAVE3600d ago

Okay, so they talk about several MMOs that failed on the 360, then they go on to make a blanket statement about ALL console MMOs. Hmmm.

Hate to break it, but Sony is leading the charge on this one. Home is -- in essence -- an MMO, and it's free. The Agency and DC Universe are both made by SOE, and those guys made a little game called "Everquest". Warhawk, Resistance, Resistance 2, and Killzone 2 (if reviews and beta tests are to be believed) are proof that although PSN is free, it's stable. More stable than Xbox Live, even (show me a lag-free 60-player, 8-player co-op game on the 360, please).

I think console MMOs are safe in the hands of Sony. They have the experience and the talent to pull off something like that.

NaiNaiNai3600d ago

FF11 seems to actually work better on console then it does on PC. XD, as for other "MMOs on console" test drive unlimited. and theres serveral other good games.

>.> by the way anyone remember phantasy or fantasy online for the original xbox. XD MS did alot of PR for the game but they canceld it.

Raoh3600d ago

not only was ffxi successful on the ps2 and works just as well on the 360.

before that i was addicted to Everquest Online Adventures on the PS2 which still has their servers up.

DrWan3600d ago

Xbox IGN?? Don't even talk about the PS3, change ur title to Epic Fail on the X360..

Because Agency, Free Realm, DC Universe are all designed with the PS3 in mind. It won't disappoint.

..and whatever NC Soft does.