GT: Uncharted 2 Developer Video Interview

GameTrailers have posted an Uncharted 2 video interview.

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TOO PAWNED3541d ago

What happened to Amy Hennig? She was director on first game and did awesome job! Don't like this change :(

DrWan3541d ago (Edited 3541d ago )

She's working on it still, but I actually LIKE the change. Sony needs to keep on training new talents. Let new people step it up with old people as consultant role.

That's how you make your team bigger in the future with more than 1 project going on at a time by training more team leaders.

ikiru33853540d ago

i believe she was Creative Director not Game Director in the first game. She's still working in the second game.

J-Train3541d ago

cool! im an aussie and dont recall any other aussie characters

Amy is still working on it...ign interviewed her. she hosted the press conference

ALIEN3541d ago

is this game coming out this year?

DrWan3541d ago

Fall 2009 confirmed by the gamespot video interview.

Helghast Slayer3541d ago

Yay to new Aussie character. She's fine as hell too.

Hercules3540d ago

this is goty for will blow us away..hype wont even kill this game..the first one was so underrated..i download the 720p to my ipod..anything with uncharted2 is going to get a hit from me (unless its fanboys)

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