Kotaku: Why No Killzone 2 Review Yet

Kotaku writes: "We still have plenty of time before Killzone 2 official hits, but I've been receiving a lot of messages from people asking why we haven't reviewed the Playstation 3 exclusive.

The simple answer is, it's not ready to be reviewed yet. Sure the on-disc experience is mostly complete, and looks amazing by the way. But the review code document sent along to all reviewers with the game outlines a number of issues the game has which will be fixed for the retail box code. That includes plenty I didn't ever witness, like crashes; some that were fixed in later versions, like sound and collision issues; and one that we have no way of testing, online tournament modes, and functionality".

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kenjix3601d ago

I thought the merged with the National Inquirer!

San Frandisco3601d ago

that was fully awesome! bubbs for ya.

IzKyD13313600d ago

They're unofficially a subsidiary of FOX news

PirateThom3601d ago

Kotaku: "There's no review yet because we're not considered legitimate enough to have a review copy sent to us"

Graphics Whore3601d ago

Sony blacklisted their ass so they're going to have to buy a copy like every normal civi.

PirateThom3601d ago

RE: Video

Is Turret Guy still in the game?

Ghoul3601d ago

Kotaku: "There's no review yet because we're not considered legitimate enough to have a review copy sent to us"


Sorry but after what Kotaku is and did against sony out of fanboyism its no wonder.

For me personal "i wouldnt even piss on teyre face if teyre teeth were on fire - Lemmy Motörhead

Morgan Webb of Lies3600d ago

people act like media bias even exists....they are so stupid.

almost as stupid as anyone who owns a ps3...they should start shipping zoloft or zanax in with the ps3 cause obviously that's what you poor ps3 fans need.

us xbox fans just need a poster of me...we don't need games or free online. heck, we might never get another exclusive, but WHO cares, you got me, Morgan Webb, the hottest chick that loves XBOX

rucky3600d ago

Gotta love those 360 fanboys in Kotaku stating how they're eagerly awaiting their review and saying they won't trust any other reviewer but them like they actually own a PS3.

If you have a PS3 and have KZ2 in your radar, would you solely trust a review made by someone from Kotaku?! LMAO!

UnSelf3600d ago

morgan web of lies, thats hilarious man

this site kills me

bubbles +

:( i miss my peter griffin account

freeblue3600d ago

but they will milk the crap out of ps3 exclusive from those sites. remember the LBP demo codes?

xwabbit3600d ago

LOL Kotaku is so sad ROFL

Eddie201013600d ago (Edited 3600d ago )

What's the deal with this bull, Gears Of War 2 online was buggy as hell and remained that way for nearly three months, and a lot of reviewers still gave it a perfect score. Even without the extremely buggy online play it still was far from being a perfect game. I enjoyed the game but it was not a triple A tittle by any means, and the same goes for Halo 2 and 3. A lot of Xbox 360 games have bugs, frame rate issues, low rez textures, and they rarely get called out for it in reviews, but are almost always used as a way to lower the score for PS3 games.

Why is it that PS3 games are nitpicked so much more than Xbox 360 games. Reviewers seem to point out the smallest of thing in PS3 games, and some go as far as to say things that are completely false, some rate the games on features that are not in the game even if what it does have is extremely good.

This Fanboy media (Not all Game media), corporate manipulation, juvenile trend is going to destroy the gaming industry.

I'm for competition among the gaming companies as long as its fare competition, and not manipulated by the media or whatever else thats going on.

pixelsword3600d ago

...Just admit it.

You got smoked 'cause all of the things you pulled in the past, like reporting things they asked you not to report, so how can you be trusted not to report details in your story that could give away the plot? You can't.

Confess, and your sins will be a-forgiven!


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yanikins1113601d ago

"because every time we put in our xbox we get a read error. Whats with people saying its a ps3 exclusive anyway? ps3 doesnt have any games. We do know however that the ps3 version does have some framerate issues and texture pop in that are not present in the 360 version due to the super high reading spead of dvd9"

iHEARTboobs3601d ago

I didn't know they even played the games before they hated on them.

LittleBigKillzone3601d ago

I could care less what kotaku SAYS, keyword SAYS about this game in their review because they dont use a numerical scoring system so even if they bash the game to death, not like it will hurt the metascore in any way.. Go ahead kotaku, bash it all you want.. Killzone 2 has reached a point of no return, it has gotten extremely postive reviews from almost every credible and respected review site out there, pre orders are through the roof and gamers are ready for Feb 27th.

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