New Episode of 'Grand Theft Auto' Adds New Music

When "Grand Theft Auto IV" debuts another downloadable episode later this month, there'll be not only new story lines and characters, but also new music for the ride.

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GWAVE3304d ago

Yo dawg I herd you like DLC so we put DLC in yo DLC so you can download while you download.

IllusionRSN3304d ago

Glad to see new artist and music, Microsoft paid enough!

Blaze9293304d ago

hell yeah to that. When the rumors said expect the DLC to be big, they were not playing. This is like a full on game.

3304d ago
Foxgod3304d ago

Nice,this stuff is going to be good.

-EvoAnubis-3304d ago

Too bad Busta Rhyme's audience is cut in half since the DLC is 360 exclusive. Wonder how he feels about that?

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