Console Monster Hands-On: Halo Wars

Craig Anderson from Console Monster gets hands-on with the Halo Wars demo.

Finally the wait was over. The Halo Wars demo is here, or for me anyway it is. For those of you unaware what Halo Wars is then here's Halo Wars in Lehman's terms. Halo Wars is Command & Conquer skinned with everything to do with Halo. What's even better about it is that it has been built from the ground up exclusively for the Xbox 360 console, so none of this PC to 360 port rubbish.

So after waiting a mammoth one hour for my Xbox 360 to download the 1.4Gb demo I was able to get started. Upon entering the menu screen I immediately got the feeling of deja-vu. Have I put my Halo 3 disk in or something? But all embarrassment was spared when the Halo Wars logo popped up on the screen. It wasn't a bad thing though as I love the Halo 3 menu screen as it is very easy to navigate. I decided to avoid doing any tutorials on the game and jumped straight into the nitty gritty stuff of a Skirmish. This way I could see how hard the game was going to be to pick up and play.

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