UGO: Most Hyped Games Ever

UGO writes:

"I fended off last year's hype machines like a fish resisting a hook, but by fall I was caught and reeled in by the likes of Spore, LittleBigPlanet, Gears of War 2 and Fallout 3. They were all innovative, and unique and groundbreaking, but none met my unreachable expectations.

Was it always like this? Has every big release launched like an easy home run, only to strike the foul post? My childhood memories say, "No," but my retrospective of the Most Hyped Games Ever says, "Yes."

That's right, ladies and gents, even before the internet launched a thousand blogs and studios financed $100 million tent pole titles, hype engulfed big game releases like a dense smog of false promises and flak speak. These are the worst offenders of hype."

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Rise Of The Bad Guy3575d ago

#2-Halo 3
#3-LOZ:Twilight Princess

That's about it.

Mindboggle3575d ago (Edited 3575d ago )

Well all those 3 lived up the hype (maybe not GTA4, even though it was a good game, it was ridiculously hyped and wasnt as good as the previous gtas), and so did 3/4 of that list.

Matrix, Too Human, State of Emergency and of course the classic ET did not lol

GWAVE3575d ago

LOL. I can't believe they considered a game like Everquest 2 or Killzone to have more hype than GTA4.

It's not like they're saying these games are bad. They're just pointing out the enormous amount of hype. I still think that Halo 3 had more hype than Halo 2, but maybe my memory is fuzzy.

Blaze9293575d ago

I dunno maybe it was just me but I dont remember Halo 3 having alot of Hype, it just sold good becuase it WAS good. Halo is an established franchise, there no need for hype. Anyone hyping ODST or Halo Wars? No, but watch it sell millions.

GTA4 had tooooooooooooooooons of hype and well it shouldve. It didnt live up to the hype? No, it didnt live up to YOUR hype. As it was the first GTA to take on the next gen systems everyone was eagerly waiting and it was and still is a good game and cant wait for Lost and Damned.

Twilight Princess had hype?...really?

Killzone 2 has alot of hype surrounding it, everyone knows that and its quite apparent by how much K2 is talked about around here and the articles submitted on it everyday. That should be expected. It has hype though for really one reason, the visuals. Everyone knows that's the main hype behind Killzone 2. Not the story, not the gameplay, the visuals and living up to that E3 trailer which it accomplished.

Wanna talk about Hyped games? Haze, Too Human, Matrix, Super Smash Bros Brawl etc. But again, thats just "my hype" i guess

Morgan Webb of Lies3575d ago

Surely UGO is one of the most honest websites around, next to Xplay.

If you don't like that, why don't you go overdose on painkillers or anti-psychotic medications, because obviously that's what you need to do if you own a ps3....

gaffyh3575d ago

@Blaze - You DON'T REMEMBER Halo3 having a lot of hype??? Halo 3 had an insane amount of hype, more than KZ2, and that's saying a lot. And the game was better than average, but not great, but still it got perfect scores across the board because of the hype bias. Same thing with GTA4, except that totally sucked, but again the hype makes teh media biased.

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Cajun Chicken3575d ago

No 'Brute Force' def an incomplete list.

PixlSheX3575d ago

gta iv, haze, too human, fable 2.

Gish3574d ago

Is fable 2 not good? i just got my 360 and have been playing the first one the past few days and have enjoyed it. didnt know the second one wasnt very good.

LeonSKennedy4Life3575d ago

Halo 3

It didn't live up to the hype...but honestly...nothing could have. Halo has never been an outstanding series. It was just the first FPS most people experienced. That's why it got so big. There's no denying that.

Gish3575d ago

For the record, hitting the foul pole counts as a homerun... guess he is too busy playing games to ever watch baseball.

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