EA: Sequels will be 2010's big hitters, says JR

EA's just predicted that a slew of sequels will form the bulk of the company's revenue for fiscal 2010.

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Rise Of The Bad Guy3576d ago

Mass Effect 2 on Ps3 is going to be great,can't wait for the uncompressed graphics and uncompressed audio

Ghoul3576d ago

this is nonsense.

A Multiplatform title wont use any other method for audio and graphics then its coutnerpart on the 360. They will as allways make both version as identical as possible. So your claim is once again a senseless flamebait.

lord_of_balrogs3576d ago

It's still unconfirmed buddy. How about we wait until it actually is confirmed before we listen to your fanboy drivel. This is MGS4 and L4D all over again. I want actual proof.

barom3575d ago

ahh dang, they gave up on new ips huh?

Killzowned3575d ago (Edited 3575d ago )

Yes because MGS4 is as likely to come to Xbox 360 as Mass Effect 2 is to PS3. /sarcasm

This is just a retarded argument, MGS4 will never go on Xbox 360, it's one of Sony's trophies, however EA owns Bioware, Mass Effect 2 will eventually come out on PS3. It's really naive to think otherwise.

As for L4D, it sold 1.8 million retail copies? DAMN. That sucks, Valve is probably begging for EA to make it on PS3 if not already in the process of porting it.

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sinncross3575d ago

When does a year pass when we don't get a bulk of sequels from EA?

Freakwave0033575d ago

Dead Space 2. Loved the first one.