Uncharted 2 Mega Blog "Yesterday I had the privilege to head over to Naughty Dog to get a good look at Uncharted 2, and to my surprise their offices are literally right across the street from GameTrailers. They gave an hour and a half presentation covering just about every aspect of the game. It was mostly talking and power point, but they did play through a small section and show us some behind-the-scenes footage that may not ever be made available to the public. I did an interview with one of the directors there, but we weren't allowed to shoot anything else so welcome to my mega-blog."

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Max Power3602d ago (Edited 3602d ago )

when i approved it, but i think the site crashed because they gave out when they were going to post it, so once this surfaced everyone went to it right away.

bob2003602d ago

I think the site has crashed as it was working when i posted it.

Also found 9 new screenshots

ViRaL-3602d ago

Lucky for me i read it all. He thinks that it might have co-op.

DeforMAKulizer3602d ago

I must say that the graphics have been completely upped! And possibility for coop is awesome! Hopefully they will work on the single player with no sacrifice!
I like the new girl with her badder ass persona than Nathan hehe...
Should be interesting to see how it develops!

Lucreto3602d ago

Gametrailers forum has been doing that all day it will be back soon.

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