Uncharted 2: New Direct Feed Screens has posted new direct feed screens for the upcoming PS3 exclusive.

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Max Power3601d ago

man i can not wait for this game!

Epic3601d ago

Oh my days this game looks amazing.. dare i say, better looking than Killzone 2?

voice_of_ reason3601d ago

You know... Killzone 2 might just have some competition in the graphics department after all. Damn these screens looks good.

arika3601d ago (Edited 3601d ago )

ps3 fans rejoice! we got another winner in our roster. sony has a good start with killzone 2 and they will end the year with a bang with uncharted 2 and hopefully god of war 3. SWEET!

@ Max Power i went to gamestop recently to preorder k2 and they gave me a release sched. they have uncharted 2 as an oct. 1 2009 and god of war 3 coming out on dec. 1 2009.

Max Power3601d ago

i want a release date so i can mentally prepare myself for both Killzone 2 and this game going back and forth on my play list.

GWAVE3601d ago

So far, the top TWO best looking games of 2009 are both on PS3? Dang, Sony continues to deliver.

StayHigh3601d ago

The screen shots look fantastic!! Don't forget Heavy Rain, War Devil, Infamous and maybe the new Team ICO game..

Fat Bastard3601d ago

Uncharted > any 360 game made. Not sure how it compares to Killzone 2 though. I just hope Viva Pinata 3 doesn't release soon or it may crush all competition

mpmaley3601d ago



That picture (site is down) looks awfully like the one on the N4G blog that THEY JUST posted...

Coheno3601d ago

Holy crapper! And diverse enemies in these new!

Also...Co-op confirmed? The two screens with Nathan and the chick look really like 2 players playing, she definitely no Elena Fisher who was hiding all the time and shooting a little!

Giriath3601d ago

In the image where the window behind Drake is hit with two bullets, notice how both bullets hit a different material, resulting in different debris particles flying outwards from it. There's more wood splinters in the spray from the weaker type of wood used to barricade the window.

Blademask3601d ago (Edited 3601d ago )

Naughty Dog has yet to under-deliver any title. And its amazing what these guys can do with the best hardware out.

Im starting to feel sorry for people that dont own PS3's, it started early 2008, and going into 09.. man.. I'd hate to be missing out on these phenomenal games.Not that bad though, because I remember 2007. You guys deserve all of this.

Lon3wolf3601d ago

@1.10 maybe this lady is a fighter and not a journo.

Cajun Chicken3601d ago (Edited 3601d ago )

On the other hand, look at Ratchet and Clank Future, you can see what series Insomniac are more passionate about just by the visuals, humour and animation. I think Insomniac will go through an odd phase once tying up R&C trying to adjust.

Resistance is good, but I look forward to R&C more and R2 did lack in areas...should of continued being itself.

ND are one of my highest respected developers, they show how it's done and make flawless games at the same time.

Giriath3601d ago

I think Resistance 3 will be damn good. I think they got really rushed with R2, and I think they'll just demand the time they need with Resistance 3. Hopefully they'll get a whole lot of support with it as well. An epic end to the story combined with even more refined co-op and competetive would make for a great game.

cmrbe3601d ago

Insomanic might have overstretch themsleves R2 but there is no denying that R2 improved from the R1 imo anyway.

Bubble Buddy3601d ago

Now a announcement for a Jak game after Uncharted 2 comes out? :P, I'm asking for too much from ND. Can't wait for U2. <- Ha like the amazing band.

Blademask3601d ago

and I hope it shines like I know they can.

cmrbe3601d ago

are on the two extremes unlike Jak and Uncharted. Uncharted is a more adult Jak in a way.

Perhaps it was to drastic of a change for Insomanic going from cute funny, light hearted RC to a very grim and serious game with Resistance.All i know is that Insomanic managed to produce 3 great games in 3 years which is really amazing. I am sure if they had more time they would have at least matched ND in terms of quality.

PirateThom3601d ago

I think Insomniac need to drop the 1 year dev cycles. I have no doubt they're capable of AAA material and Resistance and Ratchet both have elements to them that show this, but the time limits they set themselves to seem to strict.

robert02673600d ago

if it looks that good in the pictures imagine what it will look like on my tv! and did anyone notice this ndi on drakes back could it stand for naughty dog Incorporated.

Ju3600d ago

Adding my 2cents to the R2 discussion, I think R1 was right on track. R2 tried to adjust their genre to a more main stream shooter crowd, which was a mistake, IMO. I liked R1 quite a lot. It was the adult version of R&C which R2 broke (weapon ring is so R&C, and I liked it). R2 tried to compete with GeoW. Or at least that audience, the hard core shooter crowd. By doing so Insomniac gave up on parts of their identity and became a bit "generic". I hope R3 goes back to the roots, uses the great technical achievements from R2 with the story telling (and gameplay) of R1. Making a strong pimped R1++ surpassing R2. At least that's what I hope (but maybe I am a minority here). Anyway, I am enjoying the co-op a lot.

Back to UC2. This game looks phenomenal. I have no doubt this game will blow me away again, like the first one did. First indications look good. I hope they don't try to overdo it, though (doesn't look like so far). I hope they'll get it out this year. But please no rush! Whatever it takes to make it great, I can wait.

olivia3600d ago

i am amazed,never thought a game would do since killzone 2 the best part it only for the ps3 go figure

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badz1493601d ago

simply my most anticipated game of 2009!

Lucreto3601d ago

That is a graphical jump. It is on my list.

Helghast Slayer3601d ago (Edited 3601d ago )

Hahaha 2009 is the year the ps3 pulls ahead of it's competitors in terms of raw graphical power and innovative gameplay.

Hmm i sense co-op play in Uncharted2.

Uncharted 2+stealth and free climbing=GOTY contender.

Wow the lack of news on the 360 is really depressing man lol.

platanero1883601d ago

this is wow they really amped it up