GameSpot: Tekken 6 Q&A

GameSpot recently spoke with the game's executive producer, Katsuhiro Harada, about the development of this much-anticipated fighter, online plans for Tekken 6, and Harada's thoughts on the recent fighting-game revival.

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Harry1903602d ago

scares me. Pros are going to be using that like crazy. I hope it's not as unfair as the juggling in Tekken 4.

Thoreau3602d ago

but you were trash at t4. t4 was one of the greatest 3rd fighters of all time along with doa3.1, and streetfighter 3rd strike. t4 forced you to use your mind. the wall shove was revolutionary. the stages were beautifully designed. t4 kaz's ewgf only launched on counter hit, now it launches every time it hits. t5 is a step back and t6br is more of the same. tekken has always had the habit of nerfing characters instead of making weak characters stronger, they make all the characters suck. kaz's hellsweep would knock down on the first hit, but if you blocked the hellsweep, you get a free launcher. in t6br, the hellsweep only trips=no knockdown, but if you block it, you still get the launch. HOW STUPID. t6br made all the characters have 10 frame jabs, so characters like steve and ling are even worst, since they don't have quick launchers. scrubs got tired of the wall [email protected] and lack of high crush, so now we get a suped-up tekken 6 bloodline rebellion/tekken 5 gameplay. good job namco,

if you are a high level tekken player, you know my grips.
if you disagree, be brave and type why.

Harry1903602d ago

I just played against some very good guys. As I said, they were pros. They managed to pull off some infinite juggle moves(parking stage - you know what I am talking about). I don't suck at Tekken, but, as an old timer, you too must know that it has never been perfectly balanced.

Thoreau3602d ago

tekken 5dr is unplayable online, so lets hope they fix the net coding,

i am a solid tekkendr player, so if you want some, psn=southpaw79, i will deal with the crappy lag with 4 green bars if need be.