Sony sharpens Edge for new PS3 dev tech

The internal technology teams at Sony Computer Entertainment have teamed up to deliver PlayStation 3 Edge, a new set of tools for developers working on the format-holder's new console. Due for imminent release to PS3 developers, PlayStation 3 Edge has been put together by three first-party technology teams within Sony, the WWS Europe Advanced Technology Group, WWS America ICE team (a technology group based at Naughty Dog that specialises in graphics systems and tools for the PlayStation 3), and WWS America Tools and Technology group.

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Whoooop4305d ago

XBOX better tie them shoes and start running fast, cause PS3 only needs one lap to get him.. and after that the only thing the xbox is going to see is the smoke...

Is Great to read articles about the PS3 doing good and getting devs what they need to exploit the machine power.. Things are coming together PATIENCE my friends PATIENCE..


candystop4305d ago

This is good news for developers and gamers a like but I don't see why you have to babble about 360! DO some of you people honestly believe that the PS3 will have far superior graphics than the 360? I believe both systems will have nice looking games but this so called power the PS3 has is going way over board because both system have a lot more potential and not just the system of your choice!

Whoooop4305d ago (Edited 4305d ago )

My real comment was the one about how great it is to read some good news like that.

Apart from that the only reason i talked about the Xbox is because every good news about the ps3 had right after a negative comment about it, specially about how the PS3 was dead and how little chance it had to develop like it should. Even knowing it's just the beginning.

Now that some good things are coming and some good games too, the PS3 is shaping up and getting some speed..

Never said anything about superior graphics. The Xbox already proved, it has the power to be the same or even better visually than the PS3 and that's a fact, but with all the things combined, bluray format and sales expanding, different style of games with nice visuals and gameplay, additions to the PSN (which will get better as the time goes by) etc. are giving the PS3 enough push to grab the Xbox by the @ss... In just 4 months....

PS3 is my system of choice, but i can say something when i see it, so i'm never ever going to say that the PS3 will be the platform with the best graphics, cause right now that is a lie..


DJ4305d ago

PS3 devs are making a Lot of progress, and the creation of both the worldwide studio system and dedicated technology groups within SCEI means that they want to push the PS3 hardware faster and harder than any other playstation console. They want to get year-5 tech by year-2.

SimmoUK4305d ago

The cat came out the bag quite early on that one, this is linked directly with Phil's keynote speach. Basically Sony's made a set of tools for 3rd party dev's to push the hardware like Sony's inhouse is doing...

This is great news for the industry all around because it's going to make developing games for PS3 alot easyer and help to iron out complaints you have heard from dev's, then the major factor being making games look like they should on PS3 when the codes optimized...

ReconHope4305d ago

can't wait to devs stop complaining though, doubt it'll happen anytime soon.