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Submitted by Mirage749 2566d ago | news

Mysterious PS3 eSATA adapter promises massive HDD storage

Dubbed "PS3 HD Plus PHE-01," this supposed eSATA adapter latches to the bottom of any PS3 promising connectivity to an external SATA hard disk for some majorly powerful storage capacity. (PS3, Tech)

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vincentvegawchz  +   2566d ago
This would be great IF
IF it can be used as an ACTUAL PS3 HDD, for example, if you plug in a 1TB External HDD to the PS3 you cannot save HD movies, Game saves, or anything to it directly from the ps3, I would really like this to work like i want it to, becuase my PS3 80gb is fine for now, but what about when more full games start coming out for ps3, i have Warhawk, Wipeout, and Socom already downloaded, not to mention there is the SIren series, and also Burnout paradise, which i do not have, so this will be a VERY WELCOMED GIFT FROM GOD if it indeed works like it needs to
Cajun Chicken  +   2566d ago
Hell yes. I'm with that!
shawnsl65  +   2566d ago
unlimited storage space (future TB of course).. i like. hope they make this product.
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morganfell  +   2565d ago
I have no doubt it can be used. There were guides on the web last year showing how to solder your own cables and run them to an external drive.
Darkseider  +   2566d ago
Ooh my!
Western Digital 2 Terabyte drive for use as an internal HD?! Oooh the possibilities are endless.
robep3  +   2565d ago
What about this...........
This has been out a while allows external drive

Strife Lives  +   2565d ago
Lol Terabyte is overkill lol
I just need a 500gb :)
Endorphin  +   2565d ago
There is no such thing as Overkill.
oOLightOo  +   2565d ago
not overkill at all for someone with large amounts of media.
too bad they don commercial petabytes or exabytes.
Bladestar  +   2565d ago
Due to mandatory installs "massive HDD storage" required for the PS3.
meatnormous  +   2565d ago
At least it won't cost a dollar per GB like the XBOX HDD
seriously why the hell is Microsofts HDDs so damn expensive? I have a pro 60 gig unit and a external 320gb hooked up to it with all the music. PS3 has a 320gb HDD installed in it that cost alittle over 80 dollars when I bought it.
Bladestar  +   2565d ago
Xbox 360 hard drive is only for game demos and DLC...

it's all relative... an 20GB xbox 360 hard drive = 200GB PS3 hard drive.

the PS3 with a 20GB would be impossible to play more than 3-4 games.

The xbox 360 does not require that much hard drive space. PS3 needs it or games become unplayable.

"PS3 has a 320gb HDD installed in it that cost a little over 80 dollars when I bought it. " and I bet you had no choice... you pay $400 for the console and then have to $80 on top of it... are you running out of space already? I am currently using 40GB out of my 120GB hard drive...

Just like you do not need a 600GB MP3 player... xbox 360 does not need to have such amount of space.

Why is the xbox 360 hard drive so expensive per GIG? why are Sony's Memory sticks so expensive per gig? Apples and oranges kid... the xbox 360 hard drive is mobile... I have 3 xbox 360 and use only 1 hard drive... I can quickly take my content and saves to my other xbox 360 or friends house... can you do that with your PS3?
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meatnormous  +   2565d ago
Yes I can take my saves with me
A cheap flashdrive lets me take saves where ever I go. That feature is missing from the 360. And when I bought my PS3, it was 600.00. There are alot of features that the PS3 has I wish were on the 360 and vice versa. Why no back usb port on the PS3 is beyond me. I have alot of movies saved to he internal HDD of my PS3 that would have killed the 360 if I tried the same, hence the external I have hooked up to the 360. I am far from being a kid, wish I was actually cause 30 is creeping up on me fast. I have all 3 consoles this gen and I love the PS3 and 360 equally now. Also sony doesn't limit you to using their memory sticks, there are plenty of other manufactures that make memory sticks at a lower price. Microsoft only allows the hdd they sell to work with the 360. Also look at the price of the wireless network adapter for the 360. That thing looks very cheap.
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ALIEN  +   2565d ago
is this true?
Becasue if it is, i will get one of those.
theEnemy  +   2565d ago
Because the PS3 is not just a gaming console
it's a media center.

HD Movies/TV Shows on the HD of the PS3 is sweet.
solidt12  +   2565d ago
My 250 gig drive is 80% full. Due to movies. Two Seasons of Boondocks ect.
Mutley416  +   2565d ago
WOW...I want a TB, even thought it`s over kill...heheh
Ju  +   2565d ago
Interesting. Got myself a 320G 7200rpm internal drive just recently. But the 4x USB hub and the possibility to add an external 3.5" drive (which usually is faster then the 2.5") sounds interesting. Maybe when my other 80G drive is full ?
INehalemEXI  +   2565d ago
I remember team xecuter working on something similar in 06 they called it the PS3 hyperdrive , don't know if that ever saw light, this Looks decent.
pixelsword  +   2565d ago
If you can fill up 500Gb, you don't need a Terabyte drive... need a life.

That being said; gimmie my Terabyte drive.

uie4rhig  +   2565d ago
just a week ago i had the idea of crating such a thing !! damnit!! all idea's are being taken :(

divideby0  +   2565d ago
what a diff...when you have an open system

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