Guitar Hero Metallica: 6 Best Songs in the Game we're Dying to Play

Come this March, Guitar Hero: Metallica will tear you Guitar Heroes a new one as the game comes packed with an all-new double bass foot pedal accessory and 28 Metallica tracks that span the Bay Area thrashers' entire career (with some other metal hits like Mercyful Fate's Evil also thrown in there). GamePro handpicks the six best Metallica songs included in the upcoming video game, everything from early albums like Kill 'em All and Ride the Lightning to St. Anger and Death Magnetic... er, maybe they'll skip the last two. Now you can finally rinse your ears out from Guitar Hero: Aerosmith.

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George Sears3605d ago

This games need more Metallica instrumentals. IMO out of all Metallicas instrumentals Orion is my least favorite. It's an awesome song no doubt, a song that Cliff really shines but damn Call of Ktulu and To Live is to Die are just better ones.