Console Monster: Race Pro Developer Q&A

Console Monster writes: "Today we bring you an exclusive to XCN Q&A for the upcoming racing simulation game - Race Pro. In this Q&A we hear from Diego Sartori, the game's executive producer, and also some details on the studio's CEO Henrik Roos, who has an amazing background in real motor racing. Read on to learn more about development of this game which hits store shelves from 20th February on Xbox 360. Enjoy.

First of all, could you give Xbox 360 owners a bit of an introduction to Simbin and tell us about your history in racing games?
DS: SimBin was founded in 2003 by Henrik Roos and in late 2004 we released our first PC titled – GTR. At the time, Simbin was a young company with a relatively small distribution team.

Today, SimBin consists of two development studios, a headquarters and hand picked offsite consultants who have all been recruited through our communities.

My own history in racing games is that of a racing game fan that played all the racing games as soon as they got released – regardless of system/platform. Through the community, I got an early access to GTR and based on testing the one car and track featured in the build – A Lister Storm and Spa Francorchamps – I wrote a "Hands on report". My approach to writing the piece was to let my fellow racing game fans feel what I felt, but also try to be as constructive as possible when I wrote about some negative aspects of the "game build". This led me to receive an invitation to Spa Francorchamps to meet SimBin and see the company's race car on the track during the 24 hour race..."

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