What if? Galaxy of Starcraft, Blizzard's next MMO

A must read for all MMO and World of Warcraft (WoW) fans. Blizzard has smashed records with World of Warcraft. Over 12 million subscribers is an incredible feat, and it is currently estimated that World of Warcraft holds 62% of the MMO market share worldwide. With more MMOs shutting down, WoW still reigns supreme. What can Blizzard do to top themselves? What should their next move be after the 3rd WoW expansion? The answer is simple: make a new MMO based off a successful Blizzard IP with the goal of sucking in anyone who has never shown previous interest in the MMO genre. The answer is Galaxy of Starcraft.

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GWAVE3602d ago

Ditto. I like WoW although I was never a devoted player. I liked Diablo I and II. I liked Starcraft. Personally, I like the Starcraft universe a LOT more than the Warcraft universe, and to top that off there are plenty of fantasy/medieval MMOs whereas you can't find a good sci-fi MMO even if you looked for it. Starcraft MMO would definitely get my dollar.

terrandragon3602d ago

You should check out the Star Wars MMO by BioWare, or Warhammer Online.

Spydiggity3601d ago

this guy basically is saying that he wants WoW 2. same game with new gear sets.

what a next gen mmo needs is less emphasis on turns and dice rolls. it should be more about your skill. and i have a feeling that whatever they are working on, it will probably be more like that. less gear emphasis and maxing out stats like hit rating and defense rating, and more about having access to more accurate/stronger weapons. sort of like Huxley. though Huxley looks like it won't be very good. but i think it's making strides in the right direction.

BlindMonkey3601d ago

First of all galaxy of starcraft sounds absolutely horrible. How about just calling it Starcraft Universe. At 1.1 i played warhammer at launch and leveled a marauder to 40 and also a squig herder to 33. The game has some good concepts but the game lacks in end game content and just simply gets boring after a while. I'll wait for Guild Wars 2 and Diablo 3 (even thought D3 isn't an mmorpg :P).

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chrisjc3602d ago

The scale of the game could also be limitless, which I love. Also, I would rather play as a Zealot than anything I've played in WoW.

Fullish3602d ago

Yeah an entire universe, would be fantastic

Ziriux3602d ago

Blizzard is capable of achieving anything. They could physically take my crap and make it a successful MMO.

Panthers3602d ago

This was the obvious choice for next MMO. That or a Diablo. I mean its not like they got any other choices.

Still, that would be sweet. Ive never played an MMO, but who knows. Maybe I would give it a shot. Would love to be a Terran. UED!

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