Race Pro Demo Coming February 6th

News has come that the Race Pro demo will now be available on the 6th of February.

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Speed-Racer3602d ago

About time isnt it. Now everyone can see if it is a worthy sim, considering its from SimBin

outlawlife3602d ago

anybody know to what level you'll be able to customize cars?

i enjoy tuning, but i also like being able to swap parts, and change appearances

GiantEnemyCrab3602d ago

In the OXM review they said the customization was fairly limited in comparison to Forza. They gave the game a 6/10 which isn't very encouraging, although OXM can have some pretty crap reviews.

outlawlife3602d ago

i figured the customization was limited since it seemingly relies on licensed race cars with sponsorship decals and all

i was hoping for more but depending on the demo i may just wait for forza 3

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