Massively: Know Your LotRO Lore: The Valar

Massively writes:

"We're at a point in Know Your LotRO Lore where you may have developed a decent understanding of Middle-earth, if you've been following along regularly. As strange as it may sound, after describing the creations of the the Valar for so many weeks, it is now time to discuss the Valar themselves. We touched on their existence before, especially in relation to Gandalf and how he was created, but now we're going to explain things a bit deeper.

But who are the Valar? Are they gods? Demi-gods? Angels? How were they created and who created them? These are all common questions that we'll explore in this article, yet we encourage participation in the comments for anyone who has their own interpretations of the Valar. Follow along after the cut for more on the Valar."

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