PSone... the handheld reports: A dedicated PSone fan decided to make a handheld to play his PSone games. Click on read more for the video

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Cajun Chicken3400d ago

Proof that SCE should be focusing on getting MUCH more PSone games on PSN to play on PSP.

Maddens Raiders3400d ago

how prolific the PlayStation Family of Consoles really is.

phoenixtilt3400d ago

The psp does all this looks and most likely plays better too.

Sasanova3400d ago

yea but this is ps1 you idiot...psp cant play ps1 games, and i assure you i can name 10 legendary ps1 games for every 1 psp game

windmill1453399d ago

Actually, the psp CAN play about 90% of all ps1 games(including imports) using an easy mod. Hell, I'm playing FF 7 on my psp right now.

Lombax3399d ago


Crash 1-3 and CTR

Jet Moto 3

Resident Evil 2

Spyro 1-3

But that 2nd analog looks tasty.

PoSTedUP3399d ago (Edited 3399d ago )

id rather have 2 analogue sticks for GT2 and roadrash3D than a psp with an illegal mod and one analogue stick, but thats just me...

this dude is THE MAN.

that bugs game btw reminds me of jerzey devil.

Lombax3399d ago

Custom firmware is illegal?

I thought it was only illegal if you have games on it that you don't own? Like if have FF7:CC But never actually purchased the UMD?

I prefer to carry a 8 gig memory stick(in the PSP), rather than 7 or 8 UMDs.

I also own a few of the PS1 games on my PSP. (Crash, MGS, Megaman) If Sony made it possible for me to purchase the others that I want to play, I would.

PoSTedUP3399d ago

well the FW is so you can DL illegal games i guess...

i still want a psp though so i can watch ovies on the go and play GTA stories and driver and what not and madden etc. and also to use as a mp3 player

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MGOelite3399d ago

lol has he got a rolex on?

spartan4003399d ago

psp can play all PS1 games.all you need is a psp and a PS3. its called remote play. its free and its only on PS3.

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