New Xbox 360 Jasper Revisions Advertised in NZ

Recently BritishGaming reported the arrival of the new "Jasper" revision of the Xbox 360 console. These new consoles use less power, but more importantly should run cooler due to a 65nm GPU. This should (in theory) lead to better hardware reliability and a lower risk of the dreaded "red ring of death" that has plagued the Xbox 360.

Playtech, which operates a retail outlet in Auckland as well an online store, have now listed 60Gb Xbox 360 Pro models as "**NEW JASPER 65nm 150W**", suggesting that they have been opening the boxes to check out the power supplies in their most recent restocking of the consoles.

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jack who3602d ago

hope other shoes do the same thing

Zeevious3602d ago (Edited 3602d ago )

Why isn't Microsoft clearly stating on the box :


I really don't think it's fair to gamers not to know which systems have improved reliability & hardware considering the many promises of these to everyone.

The existing stock should have been sold first or replaced so everyone can purchase a new 360 without guessing if they purchased the NEW 360!

Unless it's a great deal like the $150 one recently at Conns, (a Fair price for last-years pre-Jasper model) I personally would be sure you're buying the new model revision or wait till it's clear there's nothing on retail shelves but Cool-running, Re-engineered Jasper Consoles!