Top 10 Underrated PS3 Games

Scruffy from PlayStation Gamer Uk Writes: "All of these games are underrated but that doesn't mean they have poor sales numbers or bad review scores, just that they weren't recieved as well as they should've been."

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Hallucinate3601d ago

you guys must not of play valkryia chronicals, VC should been number 1

rucky3601d ago

VC is not underrated though it just didn't perform well in terms of sales.

Maddens Raiders3601d ago

The Best Off-Road Racing Game of ALL - TIME.

Stubacca3601d ago

I agree with Motorstorm. I can't believe I put off buying Pacific Rift for so long.

But my No.1 underated PS3 game is definately Lair. Controversial I know, but there you have it. Not a perfect game, but not as terrible as was made out.

Anyone else like it at all?


>cold silence makes Stubacca weep<

Maddens Raiders3601d ago

I've loved LAIR since launch. Check the comments.

cryymoar3601d ago

was epic as BALLS!

idiots who didn't have good hand-eye coordination scored this game low.
Just because it has a learning curve doesn't mean it sucks.
Hell, learning to walk when I was a baby was a freaking pain, i bet. But do I or billions of others curse the ability to walk? No.

callahan093601d ago (Edited 3601d ago )


I came here specifically to say Folklore #1. The game is beautiful, gorgeous, engaging, addictive, amazing. I love that game. It's one of a very few games that's come out this generation that I'd call a timeless classic, a game I'll remember for generations to come. Took me 40 hours on my first play through, getting all Cloaks for Ellen and finding every single Folk and unlocking all of their power-ups.

I also disagree with the author that Warhawk is the second best multiplayer on PS3 behind Resistance 2. Warhawk is not only my favorite multiplayer game on PS3, but of all time, across all systems. It's perfect.

himdeel3601d ago (Edited 3601d ago )

...nevertheless the list does include games that I also feel are under appreciated on the PS3.


GrandTheftZamboni3601d ago

#1 Warhawk
#3 Folklore

Danja3601d ago

Folklore is definetly the most underrated PS3 game..

some of the games he mentioned should have been on this list since they are multi-plat

Heavenly Sword
Motorstorm 2
Lair - even better now with the patch I mean easier for ppl who were complaining.


Warhawk is the best MP game on the PS3...not R2..

and Motorstorm 2 - is the best racing game on the PS3 with Wipeout a close second

3601d ago
XxRoosterxX3600d ago

Motorstorm Pacific Rift is one of the best games on the Ps3 and every one should buy it.

My personal most underated game is PixelJunk Eden I loved that game. I got all the spectra before the patch, it was a b**** but the game makes you get get lost in its music and artistic design.

Best $10 game ever.

pain777pas3600d ago

Yes Folklore is cool at least the demo is its just that I haven't got around to picking it up but Wipeout HD and Burnout are the best racers out there. Burnout is fun for what it does and Wipeout is the best racer that is Mario kartish if you know what I mean. Wipeout winning no awards this year is a travisty though all the tracks were recycled which probably eliminated it from strong consideration. However DLC will be coming to that game and since its taking so long its probably huge. No nickel and diming Sony though you know I'll pay LOL!!!!!!!

andyo133600d ago

i felt VC was horrible, i found it incredibly poor in gameplay, it had funky graphics but that was it, the article says its the best rpg to date but onestly i still have more fun playing outdated ff7 how many years on now? (personal opinion don't dis), folklore i enjoyed.

but on that list burnout paradise is seriously under rated, Burnout basically is the funnest racing game available STILL.

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TheHater3601d ago

Where is Uncharted and Heavenly Sword?

iceman28853601d ago

Seriously, that game was awesome. It may have been short, but that doesn't change the fact that I had a blast the entire time I played the game. And no one ever seems to talk about it.

Seriously, if you've never played it, do yourself a favor and go play.

JBaby3433601d ago

The MOST underrated PS3 game. Graphically up there with any other game puts tons of enemies on-screen with an excellent story and the best drama from any game I've played.

kharma453601d ago

Dark Sector should be in there too!! It's vastly under-rated.

Figboy3601d ago

and i pimp it every chance i get.

it was such a great game, and it got DESTROYED in reviews because, at the time, the PS3 was being treated as if it was Adolf Hitler showing up at an all Jewish party.

2007 was one of the most disgusting years i've seen when it comes to journalistic integrity and objective reporting of news. the gaming media was a JOKE in 2007.

all the reviews said how FUN Heavenly Sword was. how AWESOME and SATISFYING the combat was. how EXCELLENT the voice acting, character motion capture, and facial motion capture was. how FANTASTIC and MOVING the story and musical score was. but slapped it with 6/10 scores, and LESS at some publications. suddenly, an 8 hour game length was bad, and a small number of lame puzzles, and a few moments of slowdown when there were literally HUNDREDS of people on screen at once, it was flop city for Heavenly Sword.

When it comes to game reviews and length, add at LEAST 3-5 hours of game time to any complaint about game length in a review - these guys get paid to review a LOT of games, and they don't pace themselves. they rush through so they can complete the review by deadline. first time playthough, it took me about 9 hours to beat Heavenly Sword. by my third playthrough, sure, i could beat it in 5 hours - but i actually take my time to ENJOY a game and take in it's sights and sounds.

Folklore is the other game that i pimp as much as i can, and it was also trashed in reviews. it scored a bit better than Heavenly Sword, because people had written it off the moment they heard of it. it's a shame, because it's a truly good game with addicting gameplay (i STILL haven't captured all the Folks), an amazing musical score, and fantastic art design and visuals.

i was playing it a few weeks back, and my fiance was like, "this game looks better than Fable 2" (she LOVES Fable 2, by the way), and that was a YEAR ONE PS3 title. the story was intriguing, even though the end was kind of crazy, but it had EXCELLENT DLC support also.

but no, the media was having a field day trashing PS3 titles and shaping public opinion, establishing new MEMEs ("Riiddddge RACER! Historical Japanese you can see, here is the giant enemy crab... and let's not forget "MASSIVE DAMAGE!" yeah to some of the PS3's best games) and overall relishing their power to tarnish a brand, even when it starts to DELIVER on it's promises.

nix3601d ago

it's such a beautiful game. and the quality is like none other. i can't believe IGN thumbed it down by saying it's short. can't believe of all the people IGN does that, and they're suppose to be the most respected one. sometimes i wonder they've got the worst way of judging a game.

i still have the game and i never loan it to others because i'm too greedy.. lol. you never know when you want to pop in the game and enjoy it. q:

BkaY3600d ago

this is the only game which i bought for AU $99.00 ....

and loved ever bit of it.... one of the best facial expression and mo cap i have ever seen.... i know its a big statement but tht the way it is...

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Gue13601d ago (Edited 3601d ago )

So many underrated games on the PS3 while most of the X360 games are overrated... He forgot about Uncharted BTW and Folklore isn't underrated, the game deserves the 75 out of 100 that it has on metacritic.

Helghast Slayer3600d ago

Yeah my would have to be"

#1 Uncharted

# Heavenly Sword

fishd3601d ago

Motorstorm 2

Sangria3601d ago

Does he know what "underrated" means?
Metacritics score:
Assassin's Creed: 80%
Mirror's Edge: 80%
Burnout Paradise: 87%
Resistance: 86%
Dead Space: 88%
Valkyria Chronicles: 87%
Wipeout HD: 87%

Assassin's Creed, Army Of Two, Burnout Paradise and Resistance are all now in platinum, Warhawk and Wipeout are one of the biggest downloads of PSN with Pain. The only true underrated game here is Folklore, and also one of the most rare.

(and about Assassin's Creed, i think it's way overrated considering it was only a technical milestone. Scenario is a crap, the game is ultra-repetitive, the gameplay is not challenging at all and it is short, as collecting all flags and killing all crusaders are pretty useless)

infamous_273601d ago

Your right, none of these games are "under rated."
However, they all are "underapriciated"

Harryhit43601d ago

U-n-d-e-r-a-p-p-r-e-c-i-a-t-e- d.

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