iPhone 4G Concept Is a MacBook In a Phone

GIz writes:

"Oh. So. Pretty. It needs some small aesthetic fixes here and there, but boy I would like to see something along these lines coming from Apple. And I like the fantasy specs too."

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SAiOSiN3577d ago

sexy. i'm happy with my ipod touch 2nd gen. tho.

joydestroy3577d ago

you probably wouldn't say that if you had an iphone.
i couldn't live without my iphone 3g, and i used to hate cellphones all together.

Blaze9293577d ago

Apple should jump in that concept. For the next iPhone i'd want just about everything that concept specified. Just a different look. Looks big and boxy, more curves needed

DJ3577d ago

That looks pretty damn tight though. I'd move over to AT&T if the new iPhone looked like that.

theEnemy3577d ago


Apple going aluminum on iPhones and iPods is likely to happen in their next gen models.

SIX3577d ago

OLED screen? I do not want to see the sticker price on this phone.

DJ3577d ago

Doesn't add too much to the sticker price, and looks mighty impressive.

Marcelles253577d ago

dude do you know what oled means (ORGANIC LIGHT EMITTING DIODE)
sony is selling a oled tv that is 11 inches and it costs 2,500 usd
they dont use that in cell phones they may use regular led but not oled plus i dont know if this is true cause sony from what i understand is the only one with this technology

jay23577d ago

Nice finally a good cam and video capture, I went for the LG Viewty over the Iphone, and if the 3g's camera was video enabled I'd have brought it, this will be my next phone!

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