Update on Motorstorm Pacific Rift Update

GamersDigest writes;
Last week we reported on the 1.01 update for Motorstorm: Pacific Rift being released in error, Evolution have released some information about it, addressing what to do if you managed to download it before it was pulled off the servers;

MotorStorm®: Pacific Rift Update (Version 1.01) was erroneously released on the European PlayStation®Network, for a short period, due a server-based issue which has now been addressed.

If you have installed MotorStorm®: Pacific Rift Update (Version 1.01), you may continue to play MotorStorm®Pacific Rift with the update installed; it will not harm your game or your PLAYSTATION®3 and has been thoroughly tested and approved for release.

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DA_SHREDDER3602d ago

The update is really needed. The boost glitch is really pissing me off. I keep on coming in second because some A hole sees me coming and does it so I cant catch up. He literally had a slower vehicle and disapeared right in front of my face. Anyways. Where the hell is the dlc Sony promised? This is really getting irritating.

Maddens Raiders3602d ago

if you played Motorstorm 1 then you'll know it took about 5 months for them to roll out ((all)) of the DLC and add ons for that *great game. EVO won't disappoint. Not with the

Best Off Road Racing Game of ALL - TIME

PoSTedUP3602d ago

oh man 4x4 evo 2 was off the hook. motorstorm is the most intence badass arcade racer. 4x4 evo is the best off road truck racer. and gran turismo imo is the best sim off road racer.

i like granturismo the most but evo was fun as hell, the snorkel, winches, diferent gears, baja, through the woods, alaska, truck stop 101 etc. i had it for the gamecube, it was crazy.

DA_SHREDDER3602d ago

Im playing Motorstorm 2 right now. Any of you guys care to join me?


Dragunov3602d ago

Sorry to tell you dude but the boost glitch only work in single player