Resident Evil 5 is broken...This isn't next gen.

Why can't I shoot and run at the same time?

Why can't I walk backwards and shoot?

Is Chris Redfield supposed to be a trained special forces operative?

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sak5003573d ago

I deleted teh demo after 10 mins of play. WtF can't u just shoot with right trigger, instead of zooming and then shooting? Why LS forward+a runs and same is when LS is clicked? Waste of button combo. Rental only.

Fishy Fingers3573d ago

Yup, think I'll only be renting to. Shame really.

nos4speed3573d ago

Same, I tried both parts of the demo and tried it online but i just didnt get the feel for it, not being able to turn while running, shoot while running, reload while running etc etc really lets the game down and the over the shoulder aiming just isnt solid, doesnt match up to dead space perspective.

PoSTedUP3573d ago (Edited 3573d ago )

yes if they know whats good for them they will fix this or they will be extremely disappointed with the fans feedback and sales. when a RE fan wont touch the next RE game then you know their is something TERRIBLY wrong.

this is exactly what i said about it yesterday "next gen graphics, last gen gameplay"

Montrealien3573d ago

ok, so 3 people wont buy it, millions of others will enjoy it and understand it is resident evil. You want Gears? Killzone? or Metal Gear Solid? play those games. You want Resident Evi?, play Resident evil.

Kleptic3573d ago (Edited 3573d ago )

totally agree...played the 360 demo, was hoping the controls were confusing me more because of not being that used to the 360's controller...

downloaded the PS3 version yesterday...same problem...the default layout was simply retarded...the 'b' option allows you to use L1 pull up your weapon, and R1 to fire...but L1+X to reload...dumb...X-analog quick turn...dumb...hold X to run...dumb...snappy GTAIV 'while driving' like camera while left stick moves you around (no strafe)...dumb...and the fact that you can't even move forward while having just a fecking knife up is absolutely broken...I don't care if its 'supposed' to make it more intense or whatever...helplessly missing zombies just 2 feet from me with a knife because I can't take one step forware by using the stick is awful...nothing else to say...

yeah whatever for me...the game looked pretty good...but gameplay wise it was a mess for me...I didn't care for Re4 though, as many that is easily why I dislike RE5's controls so i hated them the first time...I thought Gears was what RE4 should have been all along...and I do understand what RE4 was supposed to be...

look at the IGN gameplay vid of Heavy Rain...that is how Capcom should have changed the camera style for RE has all kinds of fixed angles, like RE used to...but with camera movement you can control...but if you are going for an over the shoulder shooter...its Gears/Uncharted/MGS4...or bust imo...

ShinMaster3573d ago (Edited 3573d ago )

...that all the people that are hating on RE5 never played RE4 or were never fans of it in the first place.

BECAUSE IT IS NOT! It's Resident Evil and plays like it!

"Why can't I shoot and run at the same time?"--- STFU!
It adds to the suspense! The way the camera is set. The way that you turn and move around.

And if you 360 owners don't like it, then f- off and play Gears you love so much.

So what if it's a lot like RE4? It's not like that same gameplay method has been recycled over multiple games like let's say....Halo 3, 2 and 1? Yet considered 3 next-gen and people took it.
Some people don't even know what "next-gen" means.

DA_SHREDDER3573d ago

ok,, 3 people dont like it,, and so will millions of people who bought it. The fact is that its 2009 and people should expect more bang for their buck when buying games. Broken gameplay is inexcusable anymore. The fact that the game plays like ass makes me wonder if the creators of the series ever played a game outside of RE before?

MisterNiwa3573d ago (Edited 3573d ago )

Jup, i never remember being able to Shoot while running in Resident Evil.

Its Resident Evil, GET, OVER, IT.
Resident Evil 5 is genius.

PoSTedUP3573d ago

how r you and MJ doing? its actually more than 3 people, and as a resident evil fan, its garbage, they did nothing to improve the game play, only the graphics. but what do YOU know, i dont think they'd allow such a violent game in never never land.

Pennywise3573d ago

Congrats Sak, you made a comment without bashing Sony or their fan base. I was scrolling through your previous comments and you seem a bit obsessed and scary about your hate.

On topic: This game will be '09's first disappointment. Sad it will sell millions. It doesnt deserve it.

GWAVE3573d ago

Gamers who sit back and accept whatever developers shovel down their throats is why game quality is decreasing. If this was a new IP, EVERYone (and I truly mean EVERYONE) would be complaining and mocking and calling out the developers for dropping the ball on the controls.

Yet, it's Capcom. Some of you gamers are blinded by nostalgia and wouldn't know "gameplay innovation" if it hit you in the side of the head like a jug full of the T-Virus. You sit there sucking your thumbs making excuses for a game that -- and let's not kid ourselves -- is last-gen. Last-gen animations ripped directly from RE4. Last-gen controls. Last-gen hit detection. Last-gen game mechanics.

Kleptic3573d ago (Edited 3573d ago )

^^ShinGino...I did say exactly that...

and yeah...thats all i get...'it adds to the suspense'...what?...

frustration and suspense are totally seperate get like 10 zombies all piling around you...while only 1 will attempt an attack on you...all the while you have a giant machete up...swinging it and aimlessly panning in 360 degrees...yet each and every zombie is just out of range of the fact that I have to let go of R2...push the right stick forward to take a step...then pull R2 again...then start spamming R1 again just to remedy a slight distance problem...thats 'suspense'?...instead of simply keeping the knife up and being allowed to take a slow step forward to compensate for distance?...

sorry man...i'm not buying it...i'll put money on capcom addressing this problem before release...then all these 'it keeps it just like RE4' claims will be moot...the game can be just as scary and crazy without lame controls...believe me...

Maddens Raiders3573d ago

that gameplay looks horrible.

no1safe3573d ago

Agreed. This kind of controls might have been acceptable about 10 years ago... I never really liked RE games because of that, and now - after playing the RE5 demo - I can't understand, how the hell they can stick with it in '09...

Montrealien3573d ago (Edited 3573d ago )

It`s very simple guys, don`t buy it. Have a nice day.

And try not to get mad because some people enjoy a game`s gameplay and you don`t. sh*t happens. It`s not like the max 40 people complaining about it on N4G mean anything to the games industry.

joydestroy3573d ago

yup, won't be buying or renting this one.
SFIV and KZ2 will have to hold me over until something else good comes out.

Endorphin3573d ago

Call me a noob but I don't get what people are complaining about I played it and I love it. Yeah the controls were wacky but I still think its going to be a fantastic coop experience and that's why they are going to get my 60. i really just thought that all Resident Evil played like this and therefore I wasn't surprised. Sometimes its good to remember where you come from and never forget it (nothing wrong with that.) I know someone is gonna say well they must adapt to this new generation of third person shooters but I think that it works in this case.

Daver3573d ago

I was not sure what to expect anf at first i must say that i was very disapointed but after a while you get use to controls and then i played online coop and i enjoyed it a lot, its a very fun game with the coop myabe its not what used to be resident evil, it changed so what

Foxgod3573d ago

Okay, before you people touch a game thats over 15 years in the making, make sure you play the prequels before commenting on things like controls and stuff

This is a survival horror, its supposed to be like this.

jBat173573d ago

it's Army of Two.. with a weaker shooting mechanics

nix3573d ago (Edited 3573d ago )

ok.. may be for that time it made sense.. but i tried the demo and darn it's too bulky. moving the guy is as tough as moving a tank in warhawk. and can't i just blind fire just to survive? like in uncharted. uncharted lets you blind fire and hit any one at any time. and having to stand and shooting when the whole village is surrounding you made absolutely no sense. if the number of enemies increases, so should the agility of the player.

and yes... the characters were are slow as zombies. i mean come on. and what's with the knife? it's like really irritating. stand. hold knife. wait. strike five times. wait. can't i just charge?

and yeah. i did finish both the sections. with much difficulty.

and i'm guessing many people are going to buy this just for Co-op mode but whats the use when you're dying half the time?

those were my gripes after playing other "next gen" games. but if the publisher wishes to stick to RE4, then you've lost another customer.

hope they do something about it.

7h3ultim8p003573d ago do know that you can change the controls in the options menu right?

Kleptic3573d ago

foxgod...'this is survial horror, its supposed to be this way' Dead Space?...there is no condition where controls are 'supposed' to be overly frustrating an inexcessable...

I particularly love how I have to press 4 buttons in sequence just to take one step forward to hit someone with my machete...

yet Chris will lunge across the room to deliver a crushing blow to the zombie rocking that chick...just by pressing square...the games controls are broken...period...

ActionBastard3573d ago (Edited 3573d ago )

The controls are dated, yes, but RE5 isn't broken. After playing the PS demo, I started back playing RE4. Then I went back and played the demo again. Buying RE5. I freely admit I was mad when first playing it on the 360 (and no this has nothing to do with the 360) only because the 360 controller and LB/RB buttons suck in RE5, IMO. I tried the RE4 settings in the options, but it still sucked. Playing RE5 with a DualShock set to RE4 control scheme is they way to go.

You can use the d-pad to quick select health and weapons. I find this a huge improvement over RE4's briefcase.

PoSTedUP3573d ago (Edited 3573d ago )

uh id rather capcom change the controls because ALOT of people will be disappointed.

@7h3- not the control scheme but the way the game actually control's, like the movement/camera angle etc.

you have to change your gun through a menu, select it AND equip it WILE the game is in progress, you cant even pause it like in RE4 so you are getting hit left and right wile doing so... seriously capcom?

littletad3573d ago

We wouldn't have had games like Gears of War if it wasn't for RE4. When your work is being influential to others, it's best to continue on with innovation. So it's almost perplexing why they didn't revamp the control's to better suit what were used to this generation.

callahan093573d ago (Edited 3573d ago )

@ Montrealien. I want Resident Evil. RE5 isn't it. So what do I do? This game throws in a second player, which completely disturbs the feeling of a traditional Resident Evil game, lobs tons of enemies, ammo, and healing herbs at you, removes any sense of "survival horror," and lacks any mood of creepiness whatsoever.

I find it pathetic, as a Resident Evil fan, that the lackluster Resident Evil 0 is still the most recent Resident Evil game to even remotely resemble a Resident Evil game. They started to veer off track with that one, though, and if you want to go back to the last real Resident Evil game of high quality, you've got to go back 9 years to Resident Evil: Code Veronica.

I want a REAL Resident Evil game again!

Lifendz3573d ago

haven't played it yet on PS3. I can't confirm that you can move while aiming on either version. All I can say is I didn't like it. Yeah, I know this is Resident Evil and this is how they do things but that's no excuse. I'm a friggin special forces soldier and yet I can't move and shoot? Are you kidding me? I can't even melee effectively? Give me a break. It makes it worse that the game is friggin gorgeous. I've been waiting for it for some time and I was really disappointed.

Oh yeah, if me complaining about these controls means I don't like Resident Evil anymore or that I'm some newbie to the series then fine; whatever. Fact is I beat 1, 2, 4, Code Veronica, and was hoping they'd pay attention to what other devs did with 3rd person shooters.

Heck, even Metal Gear now allows you to move and shoot! Remember when you couldn't? People would bish about not being able to move while shooting and then we finally got it.

Step it up for Resident Evil 6 Capcom. I'll gamefly 5 but I aint buying it.

cayal3573d ago

Far out there are some precious people here.

Go play Tic Tac Toe obviously difficult/challenging things are just way over your head.

Danja3573d ago

still gonna be renting it , but im a lil disappointed in Capcom how could they have created a masterpiece like RE:5 and screw up so big on RE:5....

give us total control of the camera....

we should be able to run and gun ...

and the control scheme is a mess....overall.....

skimming3573d ago

Running out of HD space and even if I had a gig, I would have deleted this one.

I've not played previous versions of this before on XBox but the guy moves really really really slow. Why are the controls so cumbersome? I don't need to have it lightning snap but I feel like I'm controlling a robot all the time with a lag in the 0.2 sec range.

The last time I felt this level of frustration was with RE4 on the Wii. Another really weird control scheme.

behemothzero3573d ago

Dude, even Lara Croft did it correctly eventually.

GUNS N SWORDS3573d ago (Edited 3573d ago )

i had no issues getting into the game. the 360's version plays just like GC's RE4, the controller co ordination seemed to bring me back to 2004.

the analog's placements and functions, nearly identical.

IMO, i owned most of the RE titles including RE0 and RE remake, and i have to say RE 4 made things better, i found nothing wrong with the controls of this new installment.

StephanieBBB3573d ago

Atm im just praying that they implement some of it. Don't have my hopes up though...

TapiocaMilkTea3573d ago

Not a real RE fan, but I agree that sequels NEEDS to improve over previous version! Look at dynasty warriors, it's a great game by itself but everyone's hating it cuz there's nothing new at all!

Rooster153573d ago

This is the reason I have been giving for 3 years on why I haven't enjoyed Resident Evil since the original.
When Resident Evil came out on the ps1 it was gold. One of the best games I had played up to that point. It was perfect for that generation. Today, we've come such a long way in video game developement that it's almost absurd not to have a running and shooting style of play. "It adds to the suspense"....??? Maybe it did in 1997. But not today.
Bottom Line: If I was being attacked by zombies, your damn sure I will be running and shooting at the same time. You want realism let me shoot with less accuracy when I'm running, walking, or moving backward and add better accuracy when I'm standing still...THIS would add to suspense because realism = suspense.

You want an excellent zombie game...Left4Dead. This will get your blood running. '28 days later' style thats scary.

PLAYWATCH3573d ago (Edited 3573d ago )

I've been playing RE Series as long as I can remember, so I'm not new to the series; I bought the PS1 because of RE1, Where's Barry???, never seen him after that game.

I'm very good with jumping back and forth between different control layouts for different games because I go into each game with a open mind saying different controls for different experiences and may require it for that experience to occur properly.

I'm usually perfectly ok with this, so I can usually overcome the controls pretty damn quickly. For instance, I was able to beat each of the both levels of the RE5 demo on the 2nd try after extensively playing GT5P and Prince of Persia. BUT I still know what an intuitive controls are when I see one, and THIS IS NOT IT.

I mean get with the program. Games and Controls have evolved, and RE5 HASN'T. But I knew this was going to happen.


ThichQuangDuck3573d ago

I mean did I think the demo was genius no did I love the archaic(sp?) controls that were in RE4 no. But to complain about running and shooting is kinda dumb I mean yes I want to run and shoot like everyone else kill zombies like nothing , but that is what L4D delivers on. Resident Evil 5 delivers horror suspense will I be able to have time to stop shoot and reload before this guy chainsaws me. Also now being able to play with a friend makes it that much more fun. Did I love the demo? No did I love Resident Evil 4? Yes. What are we going to complain about next, you want to take cover in Resident Evil 6 I mean come on? From the articles of RE5 hate I have read it is all the same not move and shoot at the same time when Capcom confirmed this back when they announced RE5. I will personally admit controls feel clunkier(if that is a word) than RE4 ,but there is multiple control schemes and I trust they have tried other control schemes. Overall the Resident Evil 5 demo was ok just that not amazing not horrible am I going to proclaim my hate for it and cancel my pre order no but I will have to see how it does with reviews and maybe use that Gamestop 1 week money back guarantee. I trust Capcom and feel to judge the full game on a demo is a little rough

Teabag3573d ago

I installed it last night, played it twice and then I also uninstalled it. I found the controls and the aiming very poor and the gameplay just terribly stilted, with the enemy movements being very unconvincing.

Not even a rental for me. Shame. Might see if there are any other interesting demos in the next few days :)

JsonHenry3573d ago

I would be happy with being able to walk (slowly) backwards and being able to reload while walking or running. The game doesn't need "run and gun" it just needs walking and gunning.

Doppy3573d ago

I honestly don't see the big deal. WE ALL WISH IT THEY MODERNIZED (again MGS4 was the perfect example of modernizing gameplay) it with simpler controls, but the fact of the matter is they didn't, and the controls they have work.

Everyone is complaining just because it doesn't play like every other 3rd person shooter, and I for one am glad to play something that has a different feel for once. All it takes is a couple of minutes or play troughs to get use to the controls, just like there's a learning curve to any new game you play.

Basically most of you want every game to play the same. Stop jumping on the bandwagon, and play the game. Yes you should be able to move and shoot or move and look through your inventory, but that doesn't hamper the gameplay, because while you're doing that your co-op partner should be holding you guys down until you get back in the game.

This game is receiving unfair judgement, just because it doesn't play like every other game. If you don't like the game DON'T BUY IT.

andron3573d ago

The amount of RE5 hate is getting out of control. I enjoyed the demo and will buy the game.

It controls more or less like RE4, one of my and many others favorite game of all time.

If you don't like it then don't buy it, there are more than enough games out there that play the way you want it too...

TheExecutive3573d ago

ok, not only is the gameplay mechanics broken but when I get limited ammo I EXPECT to be able to drop someone with a headshot in one shot. I literally put 3 shots into this guy point blank in the face and he STILL got up. When I have 40 shots and 30 zombies to kill i expect them to fall realistically.

I expect the same old "it adds to the suspense" crap, but i my book it is just frustrating.

pixelsword3573d ago (Edited 3573d ago )

he said this on his show sunday, and before on the Warzone, and before the warzone when he called Tor Davis.

I tried it myself, and it was a bad experience; plus hhg was correct on saying it was stupid for the people running at you just to slow down. Capcom wanted to simulate speed, but have to resort to the slow, creeping gameplay that was in the previous RE. It worked for the last one, but this has a different feel that doesn't justify the last game's control scheme.

RE5 is a no-buy... the first RE I will rent since Resident Evil: Outbreak.

jayd920093573d ago

I smell BS. Those complaining haven't played RE4 before. Don't lie. There's too much hate on this game, for not being a run and gun shooter that it was never intended to be. It ain't a gimmick. This shows how many people just jump on the bandwagon trying to fit in and play a Resident Evil game. Pathetic. Agree to Disagree, I don't give a rat's a$$.

pixelsword3573d ago (Edited 3573d ago )

...people who played the game expected more than Resident Evil: 4.5.

Maybe, just maybe people wanted the zombies to run and attack you instead of run up to you just to creep up to you at the end.

Maybe, just maybe that control style worked when the enemy walked up to you all of the way like in RE 4... but not in RE 5

Maybe, just maybe enemies who run like the ones that moved faster in RE4 should be alone like in RE 4, unlike RE 5

Maybe, just maybe... those are the reasons.

Mini Mario3573d ago (Edited 3573d ago )

"These controls were perfectly fine four years ago when Resident 4 came out for the Gamecube but this is next gen. While I was playing the demo I kept asking myself these questions"

I thought controls werent a basis for what is to be considered "next gen" (shouldnt it be called "current gen" anyway>>>?). I thought it was just about the graphics upgrade.... Very hypocritical to the many people complainig about controls.

Well i for one will be buying it, as resi 4 was is still one of my favourite games (the more like R4 it is the better i say). Its the way resident evil is, stand and shoot...if it wasnt broken before how is it broken now.


"The last time I felt this level of frustration was with RE4 on the Wii. Another really weird control scheme."

Actually the controls on the wii were a little too easy. Very fun, and is only weird if you havent played it for long....because u get used to it quite easily (within the first leveL)

AAACE53573d ago

The no shoot and run thing is the main reason I never really liked the RE games. It seems like the stupidest thing in the world to create a good story, memorable characters, etc. and have something so dead tech still present till this day!

That formula worked well on the Ps1, but that was a loooong time ago. I can't believe they still haven't changed that!


These were visuals that in my opinion surpassed Metal Gear Solid 4 and Gears of War 2. I was having a visual orgasm without even starting the game.


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Rise Of The Bad Guy3573d ago

But the exclusive demo on XBL was supposed to convince people to buy it,what happened?

*Looks off-camera*What's that?Its out on PSN?oh,so it sucks on both platforms then?

ape0073573d ago

that gameplay is identical to resi 4

if you say it sucks,you mean that resi 4 sucks

simple as that

chaosatom3573d ago (Edited 3573d ago )

If you never played Re4 before, then it might repulse you, but if you have

Then after a little while You get used to it. The Split-screen might convey me to purchase the game, and if IGN and others give a high marks, and the length is pretty good, then I will buy this game.

Max Power3573d ago

more like dated, Res 4 is now dated, and so is Res 5 controls.

Kleptic3573d ago

don't worry about reviewer has the balls to ding an RE game in this environment...

it will get the 'frustrating controls detract from the overall experience a little bit, but the game is still a 10'...

RE5 will illustrate how bad controls and gorgeous visuals in a game like Lair are bad...but good in RE5...wait and see...

plain rice3573d ago (Edited 3573d ago )

Some of you guys are idiots. This is just Resident Evil 4 with amazing HD graphics. BUT its 2009 now, and the control are indeed OUTDATED for this generation of games. It was acceptable in RE4 but please don't bring that "if it was ok with RE4, it is ok with RE5". That's just a bullsh*t excuse. The game is not broken but the controls need major reworks.

IMO, they need to delay this game.

Raz3573d ago

It isn't just the controls. It feels like the whole demo was pieced together from the PS2-era and given a facelift.

Just because something worked in the past, doesn't mean it will work again in the future; and slapping a slick coat of pixels on a last-gen game isn't fooling anybody.

Leaving the game mostly as it was in the last installment might please hardcore fans of the franchise - but the vast majority of us were hoping for something a tad more up-to-date, Capcom.

I understand you will be able to run n' gun in the release; but it'll still be a marginal improvement on an otherwise underwhelming effort (one that doesn't even compare with next-gen survival horror titles like FEAR2 and Dead Space).

Geez, even Mario was faithfully updated over time. Sometimes the results were disappointing, but you could at least credit Nintendo for making the effort to stay current.

Resident Evil may soon follow in the footsteps of another survival horror franchise that bit the big one for resisting change: Silent Hill.

DeadIIIRed3573d ago

But I played a couple years ago, I wanted something new from Capcom.

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GWAVE3573d ago (Edited 3573d ago )

Although many will defend RE5 saying that the controls are "classic" RE controls, that's a lie. "Classic" RE controls would be within fixed-camera environments.

I don't remember anyone complaining about "classic" controls when Halo: Combat Evolved came out and revolutionized console FPS controls. I don't remember anyone complaining about "classic" controls when the Fight Night boxing game or Skate game revolutionized controls in their respective sports genres. I don't remember anyone complaining about the "classic" Prince of Persia when Sands of Time came out and rocked our perceptions of what a 3rd-person action game could be. Did anyone else hear complaints? Did anyone complain about the revamped controls in MGS4?

Yet, somehow we NEED to preserve the "classic" controls of the RE series or it'll turn into a horrible franchise. There was only ONE legitimate reason why the controls should stay the same way: it makes the game more intense. Arguably, the controls make the game more intense, but wait! What's this? It's a game called "Dead Space". Dead Space absolutely destroyed any frail arguments that "stand still while you shoot" controls somehow make a game scarier. You can run, turn, backpedal, and shoot in Dead Space and it's still a terrifying game.

Not only did Capcom fail to update the controls, but they failed to update the animations. Playing through the demo was a joke. I counted the number of "new" animations on one hand.

Oh, but they're Capcom. Give 'em a free pass. I'm sure because they included co-op the game will be "revolutionary" and amazing according to reviewers.

CrippleH3573d ago

Controls evolve man.

If it didn't you would still be playing with Resident evil 2 controls.

Kleptic3573d ago

It was only recently that I watched the full E3 showing of Heavy Rain...not just the trailer...up until then...i thought it was a classic RE fixed camera...with quick time events...

and I was totally was classic RE camera angles, but you had control over each would pan with you (or away, you had control of it)...but stayed 'mounted'...if that made any sense...

and to me...that is EXACTLY what RE5, or RE4 should have gone after...I am one of the 6 people on earth apparently that did not like Re4...i liked the camera angle...liked the story and visuals...hated the felt to me like it had an excellent new idea, just didn't know what to do with it...then Gears came along and picked up the slack imo...

and I get constantly criticized for say you like Gears camera angle and control...and I get 'well RE4 did it first'...wrong...Re4 did the camera angle...with a completely broken Japanese control scheme...

I will put up $100 Capcom changes this...and I bet Dead Space is the reason why...Dead Space proves without question that you don't need completely awkward controls to keep a survival horror game grounded in that genre...I don't want a run and gun Re5...but what is wrong with something like Uncharted...where you can pull your gun up, yet strafe and move forward/backward at a much lower pace?...

and not just that...if you want the behind the shoulder view locked...then put both sticks into it...turning left in that game is a joke (unless you are the chick in co-op, then turning right is a joke) you have a terrible snappy control of the camera to see 'around' your bulking character can't strafe to keep known enemies in your sight line...which is dumb imo...

and what about running? have no control over the camera view when running...because your thumb is stuck on a face button...holding it down simply to jog...then turning left results in you not seeing anything in your new path at first...which is usually that a$$hole with the axe and the nails sticking out of him... was like being sexed on spikes for me...

CrippleH3573d ago

That's what some people don't get.

I'm a huge MGS fan and I wouldn't mind the controls being the same but other people think otherwise. It changed for the better so more people could play it.

Controls have to evolve.

Good controls are the one you never had to think about.

Dread3573d ago (Edited 3573d ago )

well i am on the fence on this alleged control problem. I loved RE4 and never had a problem with the controls once i got used to it. I'll wait for the game and see if there really is a problem once i played more than just a level in a demo.

notwithstanding i have to admit that somehting did not feel right. It felt weird. SO it might be that the bar has been raised by the likes of gears and dead space (only as to controls mind u), but it might also be a clunky camera..

i hope this games delivers regardless the possible contol problems. It is a first day buy for me.

Kleptic3573d ago

yeah MGS4 is a great example of a very pedigree'd franchise that had a developer very willing to adapt to new layouts...even if it meant losing some of that 'prestige'...

MGS4 has EXCELLENT gun mechanics now...but Kojima kept the ridiculously complicated CQC stuff for the fans...make the core gameplay playable can leave other stuff true to the series in place if you want...

hell...if Capcom wants this to be so true to its roots...bring back the typewriter ribbons...i'm sure that will go over well too...

cayal3573d ago (Edited 3573d ago )

"Oh, but they're Capcom. Give 'em a free pass. I'm sure because they included co-op the game will be "revolutionary" and amazing according to reviewers."

Precisely what I love about mindless idiots. Reviewers have played the game, you haven't. Yet you think your ignorance of the game is more knowledgeable than the countless reviews giving it high scores.

Bravo on thinking your sh!t don't stink.


"And last I checked, there aren't any reviews out. "

Check again

GWAVE3573d ago (Edited 3573d ago )

@ cayal

I played the demo, and that's what I'm commenting on. And last I checked, there aren't any reviews out.

Sorry, but no cigar.

EDIT: So there IS a review out. One review. Whoopee. I still don't see how it invalidates my comments on the controls in the demo. Does the review copy of the game somehow have controls that DON'T reek of last-gen? Thanks for addressing my posts like a champ.

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turricanes13853573d ago

I really hope that they can fix the controls before the release date but I seriously doubt it.