Microsoft's Xbox Live Remains Essential

If you're at all interested in online gaming, you need an Xbox 360.

For starters, it's home to the most popular multiplayer games, "Halo" and "Gears of War." And its redesigned interface, the New Xbox Experience, makes it easier than ever to meet your friends (or make new ones) online. Even if you prefer playing solo, the Xbox 360 is the only console that lets you download bonus material for "Fallout 3," "Fable II" and (later this month) "Grand Theft Auto IV."

The results of Microsoft's Community Games project continue to surprise, with such clever amateur productions as "Rumble Massage," which turns the Xbox controller into a neck massager. And Xbox Live Arcade remains the premier source of downloadable original games, most costing $10.

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doG_beLIEfs3549d ago

There is no doubt that the 360 has more uniformity and options. But other than cross-game chat and a few other things, there is not much difference in my opinion. Tack on the $50 price tag, and they about even out. BOTH systems allow you to play online, which for ONLINE that not the point?

With the state of the World's economy, this generation will last longer than any other. How can MS convince enough people to buy yet another Xbox in 2 years?

Sony and MS will BOTH continue to refine and evolve their online networks. One will remain free, while the other...who knows? One thing I see is that the PSN has drastically improved since launch and until the recent NXE Live changed very little. Live was very good right at launch so MS saw no need.

Yet again the Mainstream Media thinks that the 360 has a 20M console lead instead of a paltry 7M or so.

Let's see where Sony's and MS's networks are by the end of 2009.

GWAVE3549d ago

$50 a year for Xbox LIVE and yet it still uses a p2p network. Forget cross-game chat. Forget Avatars. Those things don't matter to me. Why should I pay a $50 fee for the BASIC ability to play multiplayer when you can get it for free on another console that DOESN'T use a laggy p2p network?

Gripe and moan all you want. Call me a fanboy all you want. $50 a year for p2p servers is a scam, especially when you can get dedicated servers for free on another platform.

Chris3993549d ago

Before MS slips the cheque in.

And seals the deal.

Why did Yahoo refuse a merger again? They're basically free press for MS ("PSP/ PS3 is dead, has no games and generally sucks" articles), might as well get paid for it.

negative3549d ago

Yea let's see where they are by the end of 2009.

Xbox live PWNS PSN.... period. Worth every penny. $50 a year is nothing for a fully featured, reliable gaming network.

Godmars2903549d ago


You are talking about XBL right?

Anon19743549d ago

Oh. Wait a minute. No mention of the similarly featured free alternatives to XBL. How odd.

JsonHenry3549d ago

Pfft. I like the 360s online experience a hell of a lot more than the PS3s, but NOTHING about the 360 hasn't been done on PCs (for free) for YEARS and YEARS.

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Parapraxis3549d ago

Essential huh?
I think a lot of PC and PS3 gamers would disagree with that claim.

To me, telling consumers "If you're at all interested in online gaming, you need an Xbox 360." sounds very much like part of a marketing campaign.

GWAVE3549d ago

Agreed. According to their logic, you NEED a PC to play World of Warcraft. According to their logic, you NEED a PS3 to play Resistance 2, KZ2, and LBP (and to use Home).

Simply replace any instance of "Fable II", "Halo 3", or "Gears 2" with a PC or PS3 title and the article is just as valid. In other words, ANY platform provides a great online experience.

Cajun Chicken3549d ago

To?...people that don't know where to shop around?

Spike473549d ago


Side note: The MAW is kinda fun though

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The story is too old to be commented.